Can you recomend a textile jacket

I have had my bering textile for more than two years now! :ermm: and i am looking to replace it.

Not sure what to get tho and would appreciate some advice.

looking to spend up to £170


Got an RST RIFT one myself not bad winter or summer plus zips to the Rift leather trousers I have, will be getting the leather jacket for summer slightly better ventilation :slight_smile:

hein gericke journey goretex. got the jacket and trousers just before xmas and love em. the jacket’s about £170 down from £240 or something. dunno what sizes etc they have left though…

I have a Weise Hi-viz jacket which is very warm and dry.

i see HG and infinity have sales… do you think its worth waiting to see whats at the MCN motorbike show ? :ermm:

I know that some don’t like Frank Thomas but I bought the FT Titanium Xtreme Tour jacket a year ago and its been superb for all seasons. Particularly like the longer back so that when you’re on a sports bike you’re not showing your kidneys and crack off to the world as you hunker down! :smiley:

This is it, but you should find it around £100-£120 elsewhere as this is RRP:

Yeah I like my Frank Thomas titanium jacket, haven’t had any proper wet weather yet but it’s kept me pretty warm. AND it was £40 from the NEC show.

Only bad thing is the titanium patches on the kness of the jeans scratch my tank - Design flaw or what!

thats the one i went for in the end…
got it for £160 and just tested it in the snow! nice and warm! :smiley:

thanks for the suggestions guys! :smiley:

good on ya. well happy with mine and i’m a picky fecker. the hein gericke and goretex guarantee is a bonus too. good value kit :cool:

A bit late I know… but I would suggest a Hein Gericke jacket. I bought the Cruise jacket and trousers about four years ago. I use it every day through winter and it’s still waterproof and in good condition. HG Textile kit is good stuff…