Can you re sole motorcycle boots

I have had this pair of Sidis for about 1 1/2 - 2 yrs now…but the soles of my Sidi boots are almost gone…

I blame the boots for being so comfy that i walk around in them and wore them practically all year round - even for a coffee in Ealing :w00t:

Apart from the soles there are in v good condition and dont want to replace them yet. is there a way to replace the sole?

or can you stick a new sole ontop?

anyone done this?



Yes you can. In Ealing Broadway next to Argos there’s a shop that does heels, soles and key cutting. He resoled some Sidi’s for £35.00. Well worth the money.

Perfect!!! thank you!!

I knew Daytona’s could be re soled, but diddn’t know about Sidi. Thanks for that info.

Does anyone know if the soles of goretex Oxtar boots can be changed? I’ve asked at various shoe repair and bike clothing shops, but the computer said “no”.

A proper shoesmith should be able to repair and resole any leather based footwear. We use one in North Cheam who has even been known to darn DMs!

How useful it would be to have a list of places that are recommended for this - we could start a list and have it “pinned” for future ref.

hmmm didnt think of this was jus gonna buy a new pair of alpinestar boots cos the soles going but will see if i can find somewhere in north london to re-sole em :smiley:

And…don’t forget i restitch new zips in boots and re velcro them:D oh and repair broken seams;)

The place in North Cheam is here -

If they can’t do the job they can probably send away to someone who can.

Hamptons Ltd Tel: 020 8644 8657| 548, London Rd, North Cheam, Sutton, Surrey SM3 9AA

Giuliano you’re a top man, thank you very much indeed for the details. I rang them just now and they confirmed they could well fix them. I will drop them off there in the next couple of weeks when I get the chance, not too far from Croydon so very convenient. The guy seemed friendly as well.

Well took them to Ealing on Sunday but he couldnt do a total resole-ing (word?).

He said that he could sent it off to the workshop and they could then take and look and see what could be done.

So did the next best thing : got the guy to place a new sole ontop of the old sole.
cost me £28

I’m a bit disappointed for you as I know they can do them (perhaps they’ve changed workers and the ones there now don’t know how to)… take a look at this thread Sherrie put up after my same advice to her.

I got the same done to mine as they did to Sherries boots…

in her pic you can just about see that they have added a new layer

its abit more obvious in mines




Pan, I got those boots completely resoled for a friend. The layer undeneath the parts you pointed out was also new. I took them to a place in Ealing on that small pedestrianised bit by Starbucks and Costa Coffee.

i know the one you mean…
i went to the one next to argos

guess this will last another 6 months and then try those guys too!!

who thought that boots should last 3 years eh!!?

This is great info - I have a pair of perfectly usable SIDIs with worn out souls!
Nice one!
Nate :slight_smile:

Ah so you went to the other one, it figures now lol

they look like Army combat boots now Pan :w00t::w00t::slight_smile:

lol, yeah, it was nearer the office I was working at, at the time :slight_smile: