Can you legally park here?

I stumbled across this today. At one end is the pavement the other end is one bollard in the middle. It’s tarmaced and has its own street sign. There’s no road markings or signs so am I right in saying you can park here?

You park there and let us know if you get a ticket :smiley:

I did for 10 mins came back and found a metro paper on my pillion seat no ticket

If here is anywhere in Westminster … be very careful… that lot are a mercenary bunch of sh!tes

Tis paddington

Kind of looks pedestrianised with the bollard and the way the yellow line goes round the bend but it’s not very clear.

I’d risk it if it was for 10-20mins or if I was in sight of the bike but not for much longer…

Legally I think it may be a no no but more clued up member will shine a light on this.

The yellow line does go around it. So would it be classed as the pavement or still a road?

Hello Shiver,

I would say no you can’t. The bollard is there to show its been pedestrianized as said above. Anything parked on the yellow line will get a ticket. Anything beyond the yellow line and the bollard will get a ticket for footway parking. That’s my understanding.

Ps. Is it easy to park a motorcycle in Westminster now in the bike M/C bays? I no you have to pay etc but is there plenty of room?

That depends on which part of westminster you’re looking at…

Recently I wanted to park in Victoria (just off Grosvenor Pl and one bay was full to the rafters… the other was the biggest bay I’ve ever seen and practically empty at 9.30… There were 3-4 bays in 2 mins distance (walk)

However roads around Oxford St tend to be choca… but all depends on time. So far I’ve never had an issue but only need parking there occasionally and not necessarily work times…

It was a one off trip so doesn’t matter