Can you identify this bike?

Hi there,

I was wandering if anyone can identify this bike!?!

Me thinks that it is an Indian of some form. It sounded fantastic, and looked completely original, as the bodywork had a pertina which would only come with age.

Sorry, this was the only picture!!



It does look like an Indian ‘Scout’ . .

Could it be an old Villeset

This is how the Reg details come up ???

Reg No FSU 674

Vehicle detailsManufacturer Model Body type SCOOTER COMBINATION Colour RED Fuel type PETROL Date manufactured 31 December 1946

Bit Odd I must say…Colour and age look right but that sure is some

strange scooter ???

I think i know someone who knows what this is, i`ll contact him.

It’s a 1951 Indian Chief:cool: