Can you feel the vibrations?

Mrs Js just administered a chutzpah/ footspa and pedicure, without nailvarnish to the redoubtable feet of Mr J. Why, you may ask, as I did. Apparently my sock to poky hole ratio has recenty escalated dramatically. Resulting in Mrs Js darning rate going off the scale. (Wish she`d use wool of an appropriate colour)

Anyone else noticed the diminishing quality of Oxford or Infinity socks?

I blamed me RM boots but hey ho. Mrs A also does a fine job when it comes to toe nail fettling :Whistling:

You guys have it sorted, true love with a nail clipper…

Its so much more than just clippers :wink:

I was at first frightened of the footspa but it`s bubbles and five bottles of Merlot soothed the passsage.

Im sure Ill wake with better feet.:Whistling:

Mine has box of tricks for my foot jobs after the vibey bubbles soak includes a shaver for my :crazy: Frightened the life out of me the first time.

No shaver for my Whatever. Just vibes, bubbles, massage with foot cream and a nail file.:pinch:
Am I still a motorcyclist?

Dessie, did yer treatment extend the life of yer socks?

Art, what about you??

Trio of poofs? or are we just macho men with feisty toenails?

How the other half live :smiley:

Only comment after Mrs R has given you a going-over in the foot department :Whistling:

If not get her on the job:)

Having darns on me darns was too much, sock life now extended. Which is just as well because I really like my latest sock acquisition, Aldi’s knee high motorcycle socks