Can You Explain Dreams?

I had a dream last night it went something like this…

Not sure what capacity I was In. I was either a doctor or vet but this woman I think she was Russian not sure why I just remember her being Russian, but she wanted me to milk her cat. I told her that I couldn’t do it but she kept insisting I do it but again I said I couldn’t She found this very upsetting.

I asked why she wanted me to milk her cat to which she said she had a baby squirrel at home & needed the milk from the cat to give to the squirrel!!:blink:

Any ideas?

Yup, first signs of senility. :crazy:

Stop playing with your squirrel cock , may help with the cat milk wet dreams !

It means you want to go to a sex party…

Where did you get the LSD from???

you are weird. i put that into google and it didnt come back with nothing. :laugh:

It doesn’t make any sense. Squirrels do not drink milk.

Infant squirrels feed off milk from the mother they are mammals after all… I think they’d struggle with acorns!!

Not sure on your sex party explanation Alex, if it were yours I’d definately be staying away I’ve heard about you Greeks.

You need to be able to draw the lines between dream and reality :smiley:

I missed the bit about it being a ‘baby squirrel’.

It’s indicative of an inner conflict, your subconscious wants you to give Smiled a handjob…

Smiled would probably want that too…

Got a feeling you saw that picture of an isle in a supermarket where it says ‘Cat Milk does not come from cats’ lol and then obviously saw a squirrel in person or on TV.

The vet and russian bit are probably a little more complex. Try not to look upon the dream as a whole try to brake it down into various sections and you can probably work it out where it all came from :slight_smile:

Sigmund said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Your willyis telling you to watch more Russian pussy porn and wank with a soft glove causeyou’re gripping too tight.

So it came back with something then?

Your inner self is telling you to take some extra career training, find a Russian bride and bring up a family.

Or: You ate too much cheese before bed.

:laugh: I wondered how long it would take for someone to mention cheese!! Sadly no cheese was involved in the production of said dream!!

pmsl - you need to stop licking the fish when you catch them.

It means you need to get laid, with a hot chick - even if it means paying! :smiley:

^^^ It definitely means paying in Flats case

It’s definitely a dream about sex. It’s a Russian woman because you’ve probably seen all those banner adverts on the pr0n sites to find a Russian bride, and milking her cat is just a euphemism…I don’t really need to explain in what way, and it’s not about giving it to a baby squirrel, she just wants a baby using your milk that you’ve deposited in her cat so she can get a free house over here.

I often have those as well, but it’s a disabled midget, and I’m not milking her cat, but she want me to lick her ice cream (a 99) because she thinks it tastes funny :w00t: