Can you do a burnout with a Vespa?

er… :blink: no :smiley:

Haha - what a nob.

Obviously failed physics in school

Haha wot a nob ! :laugh:

Best burnout on a Vespa would involve a can of petrol and a match !

scooters have 1 break lever for both front and back? if that’s teh case then idiot:( if not then why didn’t he simply hold teh front down and accelerate?

I just like the wobblyvision and laughter

haha what a plonker.

i fail to see the fascination with doing a burnout, but if he really wanted, he could have just pointed the front wheel at the wall

When he sat down in the middle I just thought, “This is not going to end well.” I think he was lucky he didn’t get hurt and the bike clearly had the last laugh.