Can you cook? Are you an organised cook?

When I came to Uk had to learn how to cook… I wasn’t used to non freshly prepared food and frozen? No way! So I had to learn to feed myself ! Now, my wife is calling me an 'extra geek ’ when in the kitchen… Not fair! Anyway , do you cook? If so, what you like to cook best? I will post here some pics of what I like to cook rather than try to explane it:


so when you cooking for us Mate HAHA


you are too many wolf ! but i dont mind do it by small groups… like 4 per turn… lol, it will take forever! Let LB get big enough to justify we have our on HQ on a wearehouse and then it will be easy! lol Do you cook? or only pess ‘on’ ?

Lol I only know how to make one pasta dish and thats it for me… Althoe I do have to start trying to cook soon.

i can get by but not brilliant at it rather eat than cook haha

I love to cook! And bake cakes! My Orange and sultana cheesecake is famous…

Unfortunately don’t have opportunity at the moment…

Yeah I have to kick every one out of the kitchen and make sure that everything is in the right place then the master shall begin

I cook all sorts of food spanish tapas Italian thai Iranian stuff pretty much like turkish kebabs and lots of lamb and tomato dishes

the main reason is my missues cant cook so I had to learn and now I know its great I love it thats why I am fat

I’m a stir fry / Chinese fan myself. Can’t really stand the stuff in restaurants as a result - too much MSG. Next time I’m cooking up a storm I’ll take some pics. And now the veggie girlfriend is out the picture, I’m gonna start with a nice steak in Oyster sauce with spring onions and ginger. Mmmm.

Oh andrew that sounds lovely my problem is the op as my x-girlfriend was a brilliant cook who loved cooking esp Italian cooking haha i miss that the most haha

I am the son of a chef, I used to own and run my own cafe in France and I have done catering jobs, feeding and serving up to 80 people.

So I like to think I can cook. And I do love cooking. Probably explains why I am such a fat ‘bar-steward’.

I can vouch for Cezar’s cooking, it’s amazing, I have a real treat every time I go round his and he cooks for us! Mmmmmm, want more… Cezar, can you do me packed-lunches, please? No hair-dye though please… LOL

Got any easy-to-make-at-home recipes for us?

I can cook - but ready-made meals have taken their toll on my ability to whip up a meal from what’s in the cupboard/fridge at any one time

I will be looking forward to a joint cezar/GoF LB picnic/BBQ in the near future me thinks, yum yum!!

How nice is it to find that we have different talents here eh? We could do a LB food festival! lol Those who can cook would feed us and those who can only eat? Well, they can peal potatos and onions… hahahha! We share the bill and evveryone is happy! what about that for winter activity? The problem will be the venue… Have you notice that no girls have come forward on that? Come on LB girls? Where are you?

i can eat

he he! I’ll own up bike2travel and i’m a gal - can’t cook for err, toffee! so any quick and easy recipes would be gratefully received!

will happily contribute to potato and onion peeling though…!

lol ! Potato pealing list for you then!

I can peel potatoes, but I’ll leave the onions alone. We don’t get along, they always make my cry.

If I follow a recipe, I’m OK, but normally I just can’t be bothered to cook. Doesn’t seem like the best use of my time to slave over the cooker for half an hour, chopping and peeling, then stirring, etc, when it takes just five minutes to eat it.

I’d love to be one of those people who just look at the contents of the fridge and the kitchen cupboards, and knows immediately what goodies she/he can make out of what there is. If I’m lacking an ingredient in a recipe, I don’t know how important it is, so I’ll look for another recipe.

I do make a mean risotto ai funghi e al tartufo (mushroom & truffle risotto). Mmmm…

Toast? lol

I tend to see what is available, then throw them together until they look good.

I am a big Grill fan, and will grill lots of things.

Cube chicken fillets, dab olive oil and add salt (and any seasoning you like - I like spicey food)
Throw these onto a foil covered baking sheet and grill on medium heat.
Chop Onions and peppers and add to the chicken being grilled.
Half some small tomatoes and grill with the rest.

Roughly peel some potatoes and slice into discs. Boil for 10 minutes then into the Deep Fryer until they begin to float (thats when they are cooked to perfection). And if your feeling bored add some carrot to the deep fry.
Drain when cooked.

Prepare a light salad (lettuce, tomatoe, onion, cucumber, cabbage, whatever you like) and garnish with herbs and vinegarette.

Serve with toasted pite bread, and cold beer.

Its reasonable healthy, takes about 20 mins, and you can serve as much as you can fit on your baking tray. You can vary it with different herbs/seasoning. try corriander, cumin, chillie powder for a spicey feel. Want to go mad… cover the chicken with peanut butter instead of herbs…