Can you clean gloves?

my winter clothes are a mess and need a clean - shall i just wash them with shampoo (or something) and let them dry?

they also need new velcro and stuff (SAMM!?? are you at BM this Wends :wink: )

I used saddle soap on mine, cleaned em up a treat

One of mine went in the washing machine came out looking great it never cracked so the other one followed.

I did use nikwax on both once they were dry

thanks guys :wink: now at what temp and did you use conditioner?

I washed my summer gloves in mild soap and luke warm water by hand yesterday. Iโ€™ll be giving them leather food this afternoon once they are dry and that keeps them supples and smelling nice. Winter gloves get the same treatment. For further smell killing ideas, you can stick them in the freezer overnight which can kill the bacteria off.

iv got velcro left over if u want me to bring it