Can wearing a helmet for long periods give u a bald patch

I heard women who carry stuff on their head for a long period get bald patch. will the same principle apply to helmet wearers?

dunno had mines b4 i got a bike

if you have longish/thin hair then constantly removing and putting on the helmet wont do you any favours, but baldness is genetic, if your gonna go, your gonna go…I would love to blame mine on my helmet, but guess I will just have to blame my parents…

Is this your excuse for going thin on top at an early age.

If you’re going bald on top, then shave it off mate.

from a girl’s point of view, shaved head is a lot nicer than thinning hair

Where’s me clippers!! lol

yeah i didnt want to say anything sweetheart… hehe

]some of us dont need to worry

Thanks darlin’ just had a haircut… not clippers just yet, but close enough…

Does this mean that my kn*b is bald because I’ve used condoms ?

And, along the same lines, should I stop wearing underpants ?

If it is genetic I’m knackered either way cos my dad rode a bike.

a thread going down hill…again…quelle surprise

cos a daft post like ‘do helmets mate you go bald’ is so very high brow…where else could it go?

well you could always shave your pubes off and get enough together to sew it into a syrup?

how did you know?

Actually, it does.

summer riders etc are not affected but permanent riders do lose hair from constant helmet wearing.

the usual area is the hairline on the temple which gives the ‘receded’ look, ill fitting and too tight helmets are the main culprits though as is a loose fitting helmet which constantly moves about.

Have you seen that Lanzi geezer?

oh no! i’m gonna go bald


maybe ginge should wear a tight fitting helmet on his arse then?

You won’t babe, it only happens to blokes!