Can someone recognise this LB member?



Rides a 1098…:smiley:

Are they twins?:slight_smile:

which one? :ermm: :smiley:

Oh my lord!! it’s the one and only PJ!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t be… This fella has a trim little hooter;):smiley:

Haha - how’d you get hold of that one!

cant be Pj…no fleece on :smiley:

I know he’s gonna slap me for it …but…that pic was took before they invented fleece!!:smiley: soz pj could’nt help meself loves ya really:P

yep, PJ about 18 years ago…
I got more pics but he leave less than a mile from me so not so sure it is really safe to post them… :smiley:

I also had hair back then:D

wow! what happened?!! :w00t::smiley:

Peter pan had to grow up ya know!:smiley:

is it peter andrea! :stuck_out_tongue:

facebook is a wonderful thing…