Can someone be a biker without a bike? And vice versa?

Recentely I went for a visit at the T.W.O magazine for a photo session and an interview for an article about the various types of bikers out there. The interviewer was Tim Dickson and he asked this question to me: Do you believe that it’s possible to be a biker without a bike? And actually have a bike and not be a biker? Well, in order to answer that I had first to define in my mind what’s it to be a biker? To me, a biker is someone that rides a two wheelied machine…Yes but, what makes us a class apart from car drivers for exemplo? is that becouse we feel proud to a biker! We have something that no other ‘class’ has. The bikers camaraderie! You know? That thing of when you see someone else riding you nod your head, you aproach to talk with a smile and the insurance that that person has something in comum with you, a bike! We all have something to say about Rossi, about the a new machine model recentely lounched, the bad weather, diesel spills, this tyre, that helmet, insurance,bloody thiefs… Never mind! We always will find something to talk about independentely if you ride a harley or a supersorts bike or a scooter. We are all bikers! Right? Well, after much thinking I realized that not all of us riding out thate are bikers and you don’t need to have a bike to be a biker! I explane:

Everyday I go to work on my Scooter and I almost everyday I meet the same other bikers along my commuting way, some of them almost talk to me when they nod their helmets to me. I almost can here they say to me: Hey, you here again? **** weather, isnt it? Becouse I talk to myself like that inside my helmet. sometimes i feel like i know the guy even if I have never talked to him before… I cant tell for exemplo, if he’s late! If he’s not! just by the way he moves on he’s bike when we stop at a trafic lights…He starts the bike hard on umber light just to meet me again on the next umber one. Anyway I get to my work and park my scooter inside the building, I’m fortunate, yes I got a garage, Loads of other ‘bikers’ park there too but there are a few of them that can park on my side at the same moment I’m parking my bike and don’t even look at me! Yes, they don’t say hi, or bye, when we leave work at the very same moment. It makes me think, what type of biker is that? Well, this friday I met one of these guys. He rides a bmw 1100 brand new and for work reasons I ended up in his office, I recognized him and pulled the usual bikers chat . ‘Hey, I know you from the garage! I’m the guy from that Aprilia’. He gave a short answer, something like 'Oh, okay! Nice. Don’t get it wrong, the guy is a very nice guy and we did get along very well but, he just kind of was avoiding talk about bikes !!! I couldn’t hold myself and asked him, how long he was riding for? and what he thinks of that bike? etc. He said to me that he doesn’t like bikes very much but he has a long commuting journey and it’s the most convenient way to transport himself, and more! ‘valentino whom?’ I should know as he rides wearing a wellinghton boots, rsrsrrs. My point is: This guy can’t be a biker!!! He hasn’t got anything I’m proud of on being a biker. He doesn’t love it! he doesn’t understand it! And even worse! He doesn’t know Vale??? It’s like a birthday cake withouth a those candles, a sea without salt, hotdog without the sausage, chain without lub, rainy day without I forget my waterproofs… Anyway, the guy is not a biker! he’s someone who happens to have a bike but doesn’t treat it as one. Tha’s just a piece of machine he commutes on, like a bus commuter if you ask what sort of bus he’s on? And he hasn’t got a clue if that’s a Mercedez Bens or a Scania, diesel or petrol? never mind! he just gets on it and go to work! that’s it. So, the answer is: He has a bike but he’s not a biker!

Today I met the guy who bought my house throughtout the state agent (another long story) Anyway,he doesn’t have a bike now for 6 months as he was preparing himself for the house moving. He loves bikes and we just could not stop talking about it! he knows better then me the mecanics of it and what’s going on on BSB,WSB and Motogp. He’s eyes were shining looking at my ZX6R and he could identify every single mod i did on it! We just meet and talked like long time friends!!! Is not that all about being a biker??? So, the answer is: This guy is a biker without a bike!

Does it make sense to you? I wish I had this time to think on my answer to Tim at TWO… I wasn’t too far from this conclusion though… but now it’s so clear on my mind…

So, what do you think? Can someone ride a bike every day of the week and NOT be a biker? Can someone don’t actualy own a bike and be a biker?

ps: Yes, Im at home saturday night and bored! rsrsrsrs

Cezar, this is a very good point that you raise! I’ve not given it much thought before but I recently changed jobs and now park my bike amongst a pack of other two-wheeled bikes, from scooters, BMW’s, toy cruisers through to R1’s and Gixxers. I know maybe two or three of them, the chaps from my company, and the rest I see but they always ride off without any acknowledgement. These people are not bikers, I can tell, they have no understanding of the community we have, or the passion we exhibit.

I feel as though they’re missing out on getting the best from biking, as they don’t know that they can share their interest, at whatever level that may be, with other bikers. One of my aims with this website is that we can at least give these people an insight into the world that is out there for us.

It doesn’t matter what you ride, we all do it for the same reason mostly; freedom and exhileration. Sometimes I turn up to work on my DRZ 400, othertimes the Gixxer thou, either way, I have a chat with the people I know about the bikes, there’s always something to say. I love all styles of biking personally and this is why I am chatty to people about it, being part of the biking community is a wonderful thing, I want others to be part of it.

I think you’ve outlined pretty well what a biker is, not just someone that rides a two-wheeled vehicle, but someone that has a passion for it, and is interested in sharing experiences with others. So Cezar, do you think there’s benefit to be had by bringing these people into the fold, having the site act as a medium for instigating interest and sharing experiences?

After our phone conversation earlier about scooters, I must admit, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of catering for these people, providing a space where they can share experiences on equipment, uses and the like. Perhaps you can help with this, as you’re a scooter rider as well as a sportsbike fan.

Well, I truly believe that these people who ride bikes without be a biker just act like that becouse they haven’t met out ‘lifestyle’ yet. I mean, who would refuse camaraderie? who wouldn’t like to know that you belong to a united class where we care for each other and are always please to help? Of course there are exeptions, of course there are jerks on two wheels like anywhere else but essentialy we are the most united and like minded class I know. So. lets provide information, let these people meet the good side of the bikers community and perhaps spend a few hours with us at the Ace Cafe chatting to anyone that get near you. I have never aproach someone in a place like that that didn’t have smile in their face and I have never been without a subject to break the ice… Scooters?? T.W.O magazine started the subject by introducing a 3 pages article on the scooters boys done by no one else then Wozza. Yes it can be quite polemic… The bloody kids on scooters…bla bla bla! I had a moped when I was a kid, not becouse I wanted it but that was what the law let me have at that moment. What do we want these kids to do? they look at us on our powerful machines and they fancy it! They want it! but they can’t have…They just can’t! These boys are us in near future. I don’t believe that Jay is setting up this site (LB) to be out of the web in 5 or 10 years, even though becouse I believe that it will become so successful that soon it will become a reference point for every biker. So, how many these scooter kids today will be one of ‘us’ tomorrow? readind something like this? I wish they wouldn’t need to do so! becouse we can now do something and provide a space to them to get closer the real bikers ideal of communit and the bikers spirit/style of life! Lets bring them closer not separate them as a different class. Have you ever seen those kids doing stunts on those little scooters? Hoe do they do that? I mean, without any power? Someone wrote a letter to T.W.O saying 'those kids are the ones who stole my scooter! How do they pay for it at 16? Bull**** I say! Come on, do you think that who takes your ‘big’ bike away are just kids? Don’t be silly! There are bad people in any area, age, postcode, social class of this world. I’m not here to look at this side of the things and I don’t spend my time for this people. I’m gere for the good ones! I’m here to share my experiences and learn with yours. I love bikes and I’m proud to be a bikers and be at least trying to do something for the class. There’s also other type of people on scooters, such as myself. I ride a scooter everyday of the week, I wear the proper protective clothes, I have the same problems with bad car drivers, mad cyclists, traffic wardens, police, road tax, etc… So do you stop on my side at a trafic light and feel that you are more a ‘biker’ than me? If you do so, please review your values and your definitiopn on what’s it to be a biker? Becouse if you do so? The way I see is the same of you stop your brand new hyabusa besides someone on a SV650 and feel that ‘what’s this little thing pretending to be a bike is doing on my side?’ To me its as ridiculous as you feel a scooter rider can’t be a biker! Yes, he can’t be a biker the same way my ‘friend’ rides a BMW 1100 is NOT a biker but he CAN be a biker like me, who uses a scooter to commute for my reasons(that can be many) or the kid who, in this case for obvious reasons, can’t have a bigger bike. I know I’m a fortunate guy who can buy a latest model of bike and modify it as I wish. I also know that not evryone can do that for priority reasons, low badget, etc. Never mind! What makes you a biker to me is your actitude towards other two whelled motor riders. Is it a bit too idealitical? can be but this is a public bikers forum and I feel that this is the place where we can build something better, idealiticaly or not I want to put my best here… What I think could be better for all of us. Don’t think on me as a Hypocritical person or someone who is trying to be polically correct. I’m not! I hate ***s kids doing bulls out there and putting my insurance premium up! I hate silly people who buy big bikes without know how to ride it and become a nutter in the city driving every single car driver to classify us all as nutters… I just don’t want to be complaining and just complaining! So, if its out there? lets not leave it be for absence of information or help! lets help and inform. If anyone wants to know whats the nice side of being a biker? lets provide an extended arm and shake their hands. Why be a minority? Why not unify them all and triple the number of good bikers out there? The bad ones will always still be there and we will never reduce them. What we can do is improove the good ones and bring more to the community. Am I mad? Do you know that I ride scooters for almost 3 years now and I still can’t find info on mods and equipment for it? Nobody out there want my money? I’d like some cxarbon bits on it, a better sound, small lights… Am I alone on it? Wake up England! Just look at the Italians, they built the Ducatis, MVs, Aprilias, Benelis etc. but they also built and sell more scooters than all these big bikes brands together. Own a scooter in rome is a must and almost a necessity. It’s seen as classy and often fashion designers use scooters as a cool accessory for a photo session. I’m not saying lets all go out there and buy scooters, all what I’m saying is, let the scooter people be bikers like us. Lets have them in this space and hear they problems and provide information to them as well. I bet we will be surprised how similar the problems and the interests are! they even love Vale(46)! like us.

God I really got carried on here! Sorry boys. rsrsrsrsrsrs

I’ve been without a bike for 7 months now, but I’m still in love with bikes and regularly attend meets and events. I’m a biker.

To me, being a biker is not about having the latest Gucci Kit, the fastest bike, the tattoo’s, the long hair or any of the things the general public would associate with being a biker. Its about the comraderie we show to each other.

There are many people who ride motorbikes, who I, do not for one reason or another consider to be bikers, eg those people who through thier actions or lack of respect for others who ride motorbikes. The people who could help to stop a fellow motorcyclist but don’t and those who go out on two wheels with the sole intention on bringing the two wheeled fraternity / serority (I prefer community) into dis-repute.

You dont need to be on a motorcycle to be a biker, there are those of whose who through no fault of our own will never be able to get out on two wheels, but thier actions set them out against the other cage riders and show that they have all the necessary elements of the human spirit that would be necessary to be a biker.

Sitting astride two wheels is a life style choice. If you choose to do it in all weathers then that makes you a true biker, if only when its dry and warm then a fair weather biker, but a biker none the less.

For me the acid test to being a biker is this, on a sunday morning after you have slept off the excesses from the night before would you be rather at home watching telly or do you wanna go and do something to do with bikes.

Here, here to all comments…maybe thats why I get a nod from some on the way to work and not from others because those who are true bikers know the “code” and those who aren’t ain’t got a clue. Do not get a single morning or good night off of any of the bikers parked where I park up for work…!

Thats another reason why I think LB is just so great - Jay what you started is definately working, you can tell just by the comments and things on this website - people helping out when another falls, punctures or has there bike nicked. The rideouts and meets just seem so friendly…we start small boys/ girls and maybe just maybe we can start a new race - the friendly happy helpful bunch where you can once again leave yer backdoor open and no one unruly steps in; you can walk down yer road without being mugged and can have a reasonable ride into the office without some muppet swearing and cursing threatening to break both yer legs if yer do that again!!! Sorry a bit carried away…

There is obviously a lot of like minded individuals out there who care about and think of bikes and those that ride them 24/7; I am sure there are plenty more - you just need to reach out and think that LB is definately intrumental in getting these people in touch with one another. Hey even the BMW rider may pick up a mag or look at the website one day…Cezar maybe suggest he looks at the website…incase he has a bit of trouble or wants to ask a question on his machine…small thought but he may like what he sees

Anyway must dash…with the weather pants at the moment I’m off to do me oil change on the green meanie…

lol, thats it mate!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all the years I’ve been into bikes, it’s that trying to define what is & isn’t a biker is the most pointless & futile aspect of biking !

This is an interesting topic
I have always considered myself a biker and even though i started life on a piece of crap Virago i loved it. Moved up to the big bike and now really consider myself a proper biker, but am I?
If i chat to someone and mention i have a bike they more times than not will say they had a bike and it was a Suzuki GXrrrrrrrrrr512 nutter machine. All completely lost on me as i know nothing about any bike other than the one i ride.
I never meet up with you guys, which is a big regret, as i have a busy job and a very young family but still feel part of this community as i feel i know the more frequent writers on the site quite well.
But as all of you have put it so much more eloquently than myself is what makes a biker is the nods and waves on the road that cars just don’t have.
There is nothing i like more than a nod and a “hi there” at the lights and then the roar of the engine as you play with each other for the next 100 yards.
In summary i don’t think you need a bike to be a biker you just need a slightly different attitude to life and a smile for your fellow man.
Big bad OX

I think your right - I work with people who ride motorbikes and scooters but none i dont think for pleasure really - just easier commute to work. I’ve spoken to them about LB and you can tell they have no interest (looney’s i work with i know!!)

I on the other hand am a lowley pillion, don’t have my own 2-wheels (or even one for that matter!) - yet - but am itching to get a bike. I dont ride myself but love every single aspect of being a biker - and being part of a community.


Can understand you reasoning, rode bikes for 10 years got married, wife didnt want me to ride a bike again so for 15 years didnt have one but still felt more of a biker than a cage driver. Now have talked her round (She doesnt like it but has me well insured) and have been back on the bike for 5 years. The bike has been off the road for the last two weeks as I cant get the work done needed for the MOT and it feels like my legs have been cut off. I have to wait for the train and it takes me the same route every time. EWith the bike although the route to work is always the same (Lazy bugger me cant get myself going in the morning) the route home can be where ever I want to go. The 7 mile ride can be extended or quickened whatever I feel and I dont have to rely on someone else to get me home.


mmmmm interesting!!!

I think the nail has been hit squarely on the head. I ride to work every single day come rain or shine and only in extreme circumstances do i (relectantly:angry use public transport. I ride a bike because of the enjoyment and satisfaction that i get out of riding it. For instance - I pulled my old Suzuki VL125 out of the garage the other day in order to clean her up ready for sale. The enjoyment that i got out of firing up that little v-twin is un-explainable. It doesn’t matter what i ride or what I drool over parked next to my bike when i go to leave work in the evening - the fact is it is like an overwhelming passion that is ignited every time i get on my bike. That’s what makes me a biker. how many scooter drivers do you think you will see in 2 months time on their way to work compared to the last few months - hardly any because they don’t ride for the passion - only because of the covenience it provides.

To put another stance on it - what makes a chef a really good chef…Passion, thats what

Thats why bikers show each other respect and consideration in acknowledgement of each others passion for biking and the bikes that they own.