Can I ride a bike without a road tax at the day of purchase and get away with it?

I went to see a bike today and the guy does not have a valid insurance and road tax for it. DVLA - they only send road tax discs to the address of a current registered keeper. I was wondering how long it takes DVLA to update their records…any idea?

Most important is insurance, then MOT, then tax (all IMHO, though of course you do have to have them all in order to ride legally). If you’re keen to buy the bike and it has an MOT then you could set up your insurance over the phone so at least you’d be insured to ride it. If you also have the section 9 of the V5 you should be able to go into a post office and with that and the MOT and a copy of the insurance details (if you do ebike you print off your own certificate) then you should be able to tax it as well.

Alternatively, if you want to borrow a trailer I know someone who has one…

You might even be able to get the tax online, which would probably mean that you’d be registered for road tax straight away. I just got my road tax reminder and I renewed it online - they send you the new disc in the post but you’re registered straight away.

Not sure if this would work on a change of ownership, but it might be worth a try.

Just go to the local post office from him - with insurance Cert, MOT Cert and the little section of the log book that you keep and they will give you the tax disc there and then…

(if it hasn’t got a current MOT - book your self in to an MOT station for the day you collect the bike - and it is declared as road legal to get you to the MOT station - you HAVE TO HAVE A BOOKING for this to be legal)

Need anymore help call me at george whites 0207 613 3434 (sean)

many thanks for all help.

this bike is not 3yrs old yet so MOT is not a problem. But following up a road tax issue…my current insurance allows me to ride (for the TP cover only) bikes which do not belong to me. So would it be ok to get a road tax at the post office if I showed them V5 section 10 (new keeper supplement) or whatever section is required and my current insurance or do I really need to show them an insurance for this particular bike?

On the other hand, this guy does not have a V5 section 11 (permanent export) which makes me a bit suspicious. Is that a problem? is the follwing a possible situation?..He exported this bike to other country, brought it back here, put in a garage and reported there as stollen? Would HPI check show that?

Another question, probably for another thread…
Since the bike I am talking about is 04 R1 is it possible to check if that particular bike has got a problem with TPS (Throttle Position Sensors) without riding it? It’s idling ok and I can not see anything wrong iwth it…?

You will only be insured on the bike Third party if the bike is fully insured

You need to have an insurance document with the bikes reg no. on it + V5 keeper suppliment - if its stolen it will show up on the HPI check!

if it has no tax - you will need to bring the SORN declaration with you or YOU WILL get charged the fine for not renewing!!!