Can i post now


well can you?:smiley:

Dont understand am i barred or not:w00t:

Hang on ill speak to pj again.

Dont live up to your name much do you :stuck_out_tongue:

you did’nt “park” your bike next to you computer & brok it:D

This thread is a bit like a blunt pencil…

Pointless :doze:

Whats going on?

Hehe… maybe so but I been following the build up to this for hours - it’s better than bleedin’ Eastenders :smiley:

Now I wanna go outside for a fag but scared in case I miss the next instalment and it gets locked or sumat :laugh:

Im hoping to explain all but fear of being censored again:w00t:

Waiting to here from pj to see if i can talk without fear of being barred:w00t:

Smells like spam to me :smiley:

censored? oooooooooooooooooo :smiley:

oh yes going outside for a cigi meself bloody need one while i wait to here from some official.:w00t:

ah the wait its a killer it is :smiley: mmm could do with a smoke but dont wana miss any drama on here :smiley:


You’ll be waiting to hear for some time mate as there’s no censorship going on here dude…

Thank you i shall begin:D

<dims lights, grabs popcorn>

Most of you no i was organising a trip to bm with wait for it got to think of a different word:w00t: