Can I make my sat. dish bigger?

Serious question… I lose reception at about 10 pm every night (9pm UK) and thinking of making an extension to my dish. It’s a 2.4M at the moment and want to take it up to 3.4 in the hope of being able to watch telly a bit later.

I am going to use perforated ally (2mm holes) as it should be easier to continue the curve of the dish with this.

Does anyone know if this will work ?

Once the reception goes, I reckon you should make your Horlicks and go to bed, nothing decent to watch on telly nowdays anyway :hehe:

I thought that was what DVD’s and downloads were invented for.

Come on guys , somebody must know if this can be done. I am serious about the dish size - I live in Spain most of the time and need bigger dishes here.:slight_smile:

It would seem lots of things can be used to construct the dish. In Costa Rica I saw dishes made out of woven reeds/bamboo. In India an old bicycle wheel will suffice.

So start practicing your basket weaving ! At least that wil occupy you for the moment when the reception goes.


dont think you can just extend your dish radius as the current curvature had the focat point at the reciever, you will, i think, have to make a whole new dish with a different parabolica to maintain the focal point.

Might be worth seeing if the dish is at the right height…

It’s groung mounted but clear sight lines…think Trigger may be right about the dish , but I have seen extended dishes in my travel.( that’s not to say they work! )





just go out on ya bike…more fun than telly :smiley: