Can I make my bike louder?

I want to make my bike sound a bit louder, I’ve got a factory default exhaust with no other modification on the bike (other than cosmetic) but sometimes the fazer sounds a bit like a milk float chugging along.

I am tempted to get a new bike but with winter looming and uncertainty around my current employment I’m going to stick with it. I could be tempted by a new exhaust though - I am under no delusions of getting a super-sports exhaust system to get more power out of my fazer, after all it’s a fazer, not a supersports bike.

I’ve seen some exhaust systems on fazer’s and the noise hasn’t changed much. Makes me wonder about replacing the exhaust can, I know you can take the bafflers out of the other can’s but I was wondering if there might be a even more cheaper way of me making my current exhaust sound a little bit louder, you know maybe take a drill to it somewhere :Whistling: Of course I jest, but my knowledge of these things is rather poor.

Just change the can it makes a massive differance. My dad had a scorpion can on his 98 fazer 600 and sounded great

Good enough? :smiley:

A cheap exhaust from Ebay will make it louder. It depends on the engine also. My old CB500 was the loudest thing out there after a fitted a straight through exhaust. IL4s aren’t as noisy overall I think.

Wot he said.

I had a stubby can on my old Bandit and it was pretty bluddie loud !
P.S. When you take the old can off, just before you fit the new one, start the bike up and give the throttle a bit of a twist - then you’ll see what loud is :wink:


I had a biked nicked in the past and the ‘solo practice’ clipped the downpipes, they rusted through within a month and started forming holes!

I was so poor at the time I had to ride the bike for a few weeks whilst they were still booming loud, people in the street had to cover their ears when I was riding - honestly, no deliberate intention I was just so poor, I had to cover £575 damages from it being nicked (had £500 excess insurance :frowning: ), barely ate that month.

Beowulf will make it VERY loud if my kwak is anything to go by.


Cheap answer?

A length of reinforcing rod/small steel conduit/small gas barrel (sharpening the end helps) and a club hammer.

Insert said rod/tube/barrel in the exhaust and hit the end with the said hammer to drive it through any baffles in the silencer.

Remove rod (decent pair of grips needed), start engine and smile.

It’s not pretty, it’s not clever, but it’s cheap.

:hehe: sounds like a plan. But wont it leave the baffler rattling around loose inside the can? Could add an interesting effect to the sound.

Shouldn’t do that.

The idea is to punch a hole through the baffle tube end plate, hence the “sharpening the end” bit.*

What I should have added is “do it immediately before you get the bike serviced next”.

The logic is that with a freer flowing exhaust, you might weaken the mixture slightly. Not likely to be critical but better safe than sorry.

(*Having Arrows cans, with easily removed baffle tubes, I have done the posh version of drilling and tapping the end plate, the idea being that I could plug the holes with a bolt for the MoT. What a waste of time. No one give a s**t unless they are being deafened.)