Can i have a job please


i can do anything me;).


You any good with a lawn mower?

My garden needs some attention… and yes I do mean my garden, not my pubes, before the pervs get in on the thread…

Gigolo business at bit slow atm?:w00t:

You should give Management a try, although I gather the interview process is a bit like this now days :smiley:

if your serious, i know a few pizza places in north London hiring :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened to the midwifes course ? :wink:

oh man, i thought you had something lined up.

you can try inventory clerk, i know a place that is definitely recruiting but but it’s commission based and you’ve got to use your own vehicle, be self-employed, pay for your parking. they do provide a bit for fuel costs. research that job throughly to see if it’s for you or not. its an alright job for the right person, you will do a lot of hours though.

or you can try going to bailiff companies, they are always recrcuiting, especially the one i worked for (good times!) once again you’re better off going self-employed and doing ANPR stuff instead of “door knocking” or at least combining the two. if it’s self employed its only comission based, once again grown big men do this sort of job some just manage to go by from day to day some enjoy fairly good living.

also if you’re good at handy work then why don’t you speak to Jaime :slight_smile: they are also recruiting from time to time, might be looking for someone to hire soon too…

so yeah, think about those jobs carefully as two of those are definitely not your ordinary sort of jobs, they both have pluses and minuses.

and if you do decide to go for any of these then pm me and i’ll give you the details :slight_smile: personally i think working for Jaime’s company is a better option :slight_smile: not that i would want to work with him myself though :stuck_out_tongue: the guy would drive me insane :stuck_out_tongue: as a manager he is something else :stuck_out_tongue: good for the company i’m sure but not as my boss :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry hun, i know i’m being a b1tch )

ooooohoohoohoohoohoohoo. MEEEEEEEEEIOWWWWW:laugh:I’ll have to bring you in for some discliplinary action babe :Dyou need a good spanking:pinch:

get into security, you can hold your own…oh no wait, you cant:D

Have my job ******!:smiley:

he has finished banging all them and moved on, have a look

Marshals wanted at the Ace according to sticker on the wall :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Rear smiled

Have you ever considered becoming a rent boy it’s a bit of a pain in the arse- but the moneys ok. :smiley:

will it pay him enough though? afterall he needs to support a family :slight_smile:

failing all that, smiled you can declare yourself a “stay at home dad” if your missus had already become a midwife :wink:

andyp69 (09/05/2011)

he has finished banging all them and moved on, have a look


best advice is to work your cv, and flood the market with it. Send to places you want to work, even if they are advertising jobs that your not qualified for, if your the right kind of person sometimes an opening comes up. job hunting is a full time job (or it should be, if your not putting in hours everyday, your not trying hard enough)

even better advice though, is dont beg for a job on londonbikers. your only gona get the piss taken outa you :smiley:

well, not really, every avenue is an option, LB too! and i meant what i said :slight_smile:

Have you got a HGV leicence?

No but he can tie his own lacesjust?

Lol…Ok plan B Can you push a lawnmower?