Can I get hand guards anywhere in London today / tomorrow?

Planning to drop my WR 125 a few times on Sunday :wink:

Just wondering if I can get a cheap set of handguards anywhere in London (to give some protection for my levers), i’ve left it too late for delivery.

Alex might have some.

Or in Croyden

These people are the distributor of a couple of brands, might be worth a ring. - they are based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Try GetGeared in Leatherhead… they used to stock some Acerbis ones… but they were at a price. :slight_smile:

Give them a call before venturing down as their website does not reflect what they have in the store

you need to make sure there metal lined ones mate our youll just wast your money =]

Cheers guys, will give those different places a call.

whereabouts are you going? If it’s Surrey then with the amount of rain predicted for tomorrow, you’re definitely going to have a blast.

One thing I noticed though on the lanes here, you need to wait 2-3 days after the rain before going out if you want the mud to stick :smiley: