Can anyone recommend me a garage (ABS issue)

Hey Guys 'n Girls,

I’m in a bit of a pickle, the ABS Pump on my Kawasaki Versys has issues - I’ve been to a local garage and we’ve already determined that the calliper end is fine and the master-cylinder is fine - which really just leaves the blasted ABS :slight_smile:

My problem is that this is a non-serviceable part, and I’m reluctant to goto a kawa main dealer as a) they have stupid waiting lists and b) they charge an awful lot of $$$ - I’ve already given them a call, and they basically said I’m on my own as it’s out of warrenty. I’ve heard a brand new pump is around £1000! :\ bike is probably only worth 2.3k

What I want todo is either a) get a unit from ebay and replace it, or b) by-pass the ABS completely - can any recommend a garage around London who would dable with ABS (most won’t, because of possible safety concerns which I totally understand) .

Thanks all.

It’s not just a sensor ? It’s the actual pump for sure ?

call me a noob but this is the first I’ve heard that ABS needs a pump

Yeah it’s the ABS module itself by the looks of it - current symptoms are that it won’t bleed. As far as I know there’s various valves and solenoids inside the unit itself - there’s various posts on the interweb of cases where they fail, at which won’t the fluid cannot pass.

I’d guess that if you removed the ABS on your bike, you’d have to declare it to your insurance as a modification and they would rape you(r wallet) for that.

Yep that’s true, might just see if the kawa dealer wants todo a deal and let me trade it in, was thinking of getting something newer anyway. Gonna get raped either way :stuck_out_tongue:

They have some trickery in them but it’s not a complete dark art in there . …

Mm - that’s a good point actually NumNum, I could look at having a specialist repair it. The Versys uses a Bosch M8 unit, same as the ER6, and also various BMW’s - people in the past have interchanged them with the BMW version, but I believe there’s some difference in the electrics. Anyway, I’ll give the guys a call in that link you provided and see if there’s any other’s around :slight_smile:


If it’s a bosch unit it will be filled with bosch parts with little boschy numbers on them … It might just be a jammed spool valve , those are the usual suspect in a hydraulic system as they tend to have the shortest life compared to other parts . Easily replaced … usually .

Happy to have a look :wink:

If you’re happy to lose the ABS, What’s stopping you pulling the fuse to the pump and removing the bulb to the warning light?

If I remove the fuse I still have the problem bleeding the system, so I think it’s mechanical - heheh, also checked that same ABS pump on ebay, I’m not sure if it’s compatible with the 650cc , sent the guy a message but he said to check with a dealership. Right now I’m going to pay the local kawa dealer a visit tomorrow and see what they see, no doubt it won’t be good :stuck_out_tongue:

Scorch, may give you a call soon if you’re willing to have a look, many thanks! :slight_smile: