Can Anyone Recommend A Helmet Cam?

Looking to get a helmet cam

Don’t really want to spend much more than £100 and I know that won’t get me anything great…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

When I did some research into this very gadget for biking, I came across the following website which seemed to have just what I needed for my European trip. Did not end up purchasing anything so cannot comment on quality etc.

Thought the link might help…

How about this?

just bought one of those cheap action cams from amazon think it cost around £25 plus £15 for 16gb card, worked fine when I tested it out, just going to try different ways to attach it to bike and lid, will try strong velcro see how that goes, but happy with it so far :slight_smile:

very good very good. i did say cheap i suppose… :P:P



Yeah i’ve been thinking i could just stick my old miniDV cam to the fairing or something instead…

Hope it has ((shake)) detection :wink:

Mini cam M.D.80 £30 in Maplins smaller than a pack of chewing gum
Drift X170 sports cam (I,ve got both,they work well):slight_smile:

ive got one too. great during good light £10 bargin.