Can anyone recommend a good web hosting company

Am finding that uk2 are too limiting so am looking at getting some 3rd party hosting that I can actually use things like htaccess on.

Does anyone have any recommendations for hosts that can provide CGI, PHP SQL etc etc for a reasonable price and good service.




I work for an ISP (Atlas Internet, now owned by Timico Ltd). We are primarily for business users, but we have home users too. Our shared web-hosting includes CGI, PHP MySQL. I’ll hit you with a PM!

2 companies that I use: - cheap with loads of functionality - US based ‘never had a problem with them’ - Various packages available depending on your needs - UK based.

I use easyinternetsolutions for my site,

Very good so far, using them for over six months now,

Basic hosting, £30 per year!

it’s pay as you go, very flexable and easy to use and setup or you can get your hands dirty with slq, dns and all the good stuff. Get a web site up for $4 through pay pal. no contracts etc etc been suing them for a few years now and host 6 sites with them.