Can anyone help? Front paddock stand needed urgently.

Hi all

Getting my wheels powdercoated on saturday but need to sort out sourcing a front paddock stand.

Does anyone have one for sell?

Or does anyone wana let me borrow one for a week while they get done?
Will pay a hire fee if needed.

Can come and collect anywhere in London, i live 5mins from the ace in sudbury/wembley.



Hey Adam , welcome mate! Sorry I don’t have one to help you… Good luck, I’m sure someone will have one in the garage

Can’t lend you one fella, but here’s a well-priced one:

£34.99 from

Send a PM to Gareth Ruislip - hes got one for sale. Failing that, if you can collect I have one you can borrow. Its in Dartford area unless you are newar Peterborough tomorrow in which case you can get it from there.