Can anyone advise me on how to remove my bike fairing stickers? And if can I do that?

I was planning to remove my fairing stickers as I saw a black Kawa like mine without it and loved it. Anyone heard if it’s possible or the bike has to be re-sprayed? I heard that you can use a hair dryer but I think that I really need the correct technique. I talking about the 636 sticker and the zx6r stickers.


Hey Cezar

I used a hairdryer to remove all the warning stickers etc on the fairing and tank when I picked up my bike last year. Basically you use the dryer to heat up the stickers adhesive and then use a blunt piece of softish plastic to slowly push up the edges. (don’t rub it with ur finger cos after the first half a sticker I had a massive blister!) Also after my recent off I peeled the ‘750’ and black trim off the seat section of my fairing without using a hairdryer, took a bit of time but it came off lovely except for the scratches

If you get little bits of glue left just use a bit of nail polish remover but test it first as it might affect the paintwork but it was ok on mine.

fletchrgj ! thank you very much ! Tomorrow I will try it on my bike! well, try not! I will do it! lol

WD40 is also a good adhesive remover, that’s what I used on plastics and metal to get the idiot-stickers off mine. It just takes time Cezar. I used my nail to pick the stickers off once hot from the hair-dryer. Post some pictures when it’s done!

I’m exited Jay! I will take all the stickers off!! Pics here soon…lol

Cezar asked me to post these, as he has trouble resizing the images (Windows XP can do it for you Cezar!). These are work-in-progress pictures, I have some final pictures to post up as well.


Completed pictures:

My take on it Cezar is that the tail looks great, but something is missing from the front side panels. It only needs something small, perhaps a chrome decal from, like I used to run on my K4 750? No! I know what it needs, some stickers! I’ll have some made up forthwith.


Your right to take the stickers off… Your bike looks sick! I’m definately taking mine off soon. Nice trick bits on you bike too.



As said in previous posts, hair dryer to warm the sticker adesive and simply peell off. i used a peice of cloth dampened with a bit of white spirit to remove what was left of adesive.This is what it looks like after respray