Can any of you guys help?

I need to find Laws and regulations relating to the use of vehicles in any member state other than that in which itis registered…Numbers etc would be great… As I understand it , the vehicle needs to be FULLY legal in its country of registration otherwise it is illegal??:w00t: Here (Spain) we can get an ITV (Spanish MOT) on a UK vehicle but to my mind this is not valid (particularly as it is a voluntary test on vehicles from outside Spain)

This is a source of constant discussion in the pub and I’d like to put it to rest:)


The relevant rules for Spain will be the relevant EU Transport and Licensing directives (God help you if you ever have to read, interpret or implement EU legislation!) and Spain will have legislation that is meant to implement it.

I have no idea what the rules are but I would expect that you have six months to register the vehicle in Spain. After that it is subject to the Spanish equivalent of the MOT. Before the six months is up it is legal as long as it is legal in the UK. If the MOT runs out in that time the answer is the register the vehicle in Spain and have the Spanish MOT.

Now here’s a wild guess.

If your UK MoT runs out during your six months grace in Spain (Or almost all EU countries) aren’t you better off having the local equivalent of an MoT rather than nothing?

At least you hold a piece of paper that a policeman will recognise that has decent dates on it. So much better than an out of time piece of flim flam.

Most coppers in Europe can read a date and are commonly happy if it looks valid. They probably have no more idea of the “EU Transport and Licensing directives” than you do.