can a ktm 125 be used on a supermoto track

been offered a ktm 125sx could i use one of them at brands supermoto? cant really afford to buy propper supermoto wheels but could stretch to road legal tyres

wouldn’t mind a go at the brands one thats comming up

i know nothing about them ?

dont see why not mate tbh last time we was there we were on wets and still had trouble staying on:D for £49 its worth giving it a try:cool:

for moto trax a 125 is ok, for brands thats shite and wont last 5 mins, it will be slow as lordy! and flat out before you leave the pits, dont bother unless your doing proper moto tracks.

think si is on about the sm track not the indy track:hehe:

This 125 looks quick.

yeah i was , so if thats ok is it ok to use dirt knoblies that are on there will they be ok on the tarmac? or should i get road going knoblie things?

that will be me well the first min of the video will be :hehe:

think i’d prefer road type tyres:)

ok ill get a set orderd there only skinny but guess ill be falling off on the straights let alone the corners lol thanks for advice


i had a ktm 525 and while waiting for a certain person to build my wheels i got a set of road doing trail wing tyres, thought it would be crap but i was surprised how well it handled lol still plenty to fly around a track on mate. go for it, you may look a ravin bender but who cares:D

for the price of a brands supermoto day its got to be worth a try i was only thinking of getting the bike so i could join in with the kids @ the mx track but now all there bikes have been nicked:angry: i think ill just borrow the ktm and give it ago, you never know i may be converted , part time at least:Whistling:

is anyone doing the one on the 29th?

hummm may pull a sickie :wink:

is that this month at brands ill book on if some one else is going to?:w00t: never ridden a propper 125 crosser be like doing my first ever trackday but worse

wish i could book up but my hand & bike still need to be sorted:hehe:

Its off the menu for me too . sold the bike …no more a biker