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South West England
RainIssued at:1823 on Fri 6 Jul 2012

Valid from:0000 on Sat 7 Jul 2012

Valid to:1800 on Sat 7 Jul 2012

Further heavy showers or longer periods of rain are expected during Saturday. Although not all places will see the heaviest of the rain, where it does fall it is likely to lead to surface water flooding and some disruption to travel. There remains some uncertainty in the location of the heaviest rainfall, but at this time the southwest of England looks the most likely area to see the greatest impacts, in particular, the red warning area.The public should be prepared for the likelihood of surface water flooding and some disruption to travel and outdoor activities, particularly in the Amber warning area.
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I’m just off for the weekend for a spot of camping on the Devon /Dorset Border (on the edge of the red bit on the map in case you dont know where that is.

Looks like it could be fun fun fun :crazy:

The things we do for our kids …

fcking website :smiley:

ahhhh fck it , going camping tomorrow, the weather’s ****, the website’s **** so i cannot show you the link, camping’s ****

the things we do for our kids huh :crazy:

have you got one of them big fishing umbrella things,

funny you should say that, we are meant to be fishing at West Bay, with those big fishing umbrellas . Anyone know any good pubs round there instead? :smiley:

The Marquis of Lorne in Nettlecombe :slight_smile:

better still but a bit further…The Smugglers Inn, Osmington :cool:

I remember this one, it came to me too at 5 this morning . Used to go there as a kid, it had a collection of old pinball machines :cool:

Or you could just do this… :stuck_out_tongue:


yes you could do that. if you were a bit special

Things didnt start too well onSaturday, with sights like this at Burton Bradstock (west Dorset) . Took me 7.5 hrs to get there via a passable route (in the car).

Sunday was a different matter - we fished from Chesil beach, many many years sinece i have done this…

Success !!!

Best tasting mackerel ever !!!