Camping june 2008

just let us know I`ll keep the gobby C**t company!

You aint going its for grown ups !! by the way you got a spare tent ? :D:P

I’m up for it!!

yer bring that leather jacket you trying to flog, we can use that as the beer tent!:slight_smile:

are you having a laugh?

you woose…:w00t::w00t:

I could probably be persuaded to come along on this one, especially as I’m a Northern Monkey myself (although from t’other side of the pennines)

can we have a date? I’m thinking of going away at the beginning of the month.

21st of June is mid summers eve, might be an idea to time it for around that date?

how about fri 20th til mon the 23rd??

Good for me, times it nicely for midsummers eve.

Pics look great, I’ll defo stay posted and see if I can make the dates once they’re decided. I guess I need to stop being a cyber-only-Londonbiker and actually make an appearance to meet you lot sometime soon… I’ve been checking the web for a bout a month now - GSXAng still thinks I’m the fuzz armed with speedgun desperate to bust a laser-cap in her butt! Haha!


Erm, not still.You joined and pm’d me on 30th Jan, you had no posts, no hi in newbie section etc asking for details for Wales. I explained the situation. I had good reason to be wary of you and what you were asking, you still didn’t make your first post until 5th Feb and only 5 since. You may not be gobby, you may think im an idiot but im happy with not giving out details.Be nice to meet you when you’re out and about.

As I’m moving to Ely would it be possible to meet up on the way up somewhere. Maybe outside Peterborough.

Peterborough sounds a bit out of the way to meet. That journey is either M1 - M6 or M40 - M6 Toll - M6.

Just a note… we have been through all this before at that time of year you need to be booked not alot of places take group bookings and as soon as you mention bikes thet normally dont take to kind to it… thats why we went to the barge inn, basicly because they didnt give a **** as long as you pay pretty much a free for all and you was allowed camp fires which 99% of places wont

all i say is do your research 1st…:slight_smile: maybe worth chatting to charlie and claire.

will do im in the process of researchin it all now

Where the hell you going ?

Think curtis said in 1st post its YORKSHIRE dales which unless they been moved is easier to get to via M1/A1 ant not the M6 toll road ?

Fair point, it is Yorkshire. But which side? If you look on the map it is actually closer to the M6, thats because it’s Yorks/Lancs border side of the Dales.

There is a great cafe not far from there in a little village called Clapham.

Haha - I wondered if that might rise to that Ang! I get your concerns completely, am only messing with ya!

guess some bugger better bring a map then !! :D:)

mind you curtis prolly gonna hunt a route out that doesnt involve too many motorway miles :slight_smile: