Camping june 2008

Looking to go camping in june some time, there’s a lovely campsite in horton in ribblesdale in the yorkshire dales where i’ve stayed before and its only something silly like £4 a night, its located within walking distance to the 3 mountains, well my idea of it :smiley: in the pennine way - ingleborough, pen y ghent n whernside, there really is some lovely scenery out there here are a few pics.Anyone interested let me know

oooo i forgot to mention the pub is right next door to the campsite and does some lovely grub :smiley:

Confirmed so far:

Me :smiley: Elad ( B&B )

Phond M-daytona (B&B)

Buellbabe Norfolknchance

Nuts D675 Ghost rider (B&B)

Rockerchic (awaiting conf of dates)

Anyone interested let me know

Mmmm… another tempting plan! I think I might OD on camping this summer already tho. Scotland in July and “the short way round” epic in April. If either one falls thru, I’d be up fer coming along tho. There’s loads of awesome roads up there :slight_smile:


lol this aint a chunky comp but well done 2/3 right

I used to go caving round there when I was a student, some great scenery.


I’d be up for it. We didn’t really have a summer event last year but the year before that it was a good crack.

I could be up for this, although not sure about the camping bit…any hotels near by??

sounds ace, anyone got room for a pillion? :smiley:

Great idea, & I can verify that this is a fantastic part of the world for biking, I spent most of my childhood not far from here. Also if you head north west from there you are soon in the south lakes.

What you looking at curtis long weekend or summat, and any idea of dates in june ?

Im defo up for any planned camping trips :smiley:


Sorry mate, must be your Scottish accent :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll soon understand him, he just got bought English lessons at the auction tonight!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up for this too, love camping. Plus this is back very near where I just moved from. As someone before said it is very near the lakes, its so good for riding! But anywhere in that area is great. Plus if we go up near Lancaster, my old biker pub is there. That on its own is worth the ride up!

yes 3/3 lil puppy, its all up in the air at the mo, ian stop bein a wimp!! prob gonna be a long weekend of some sort

Sign me up. I’m up for some camping. Nice pics

How much camping gear can you fit on the Daytona? :Whistling:

One tent peg & a toothbrush

wonder if chunks lend us his leathers as a marquee :Whistling:

any dates yet ?

I could always take your teeth out and put bunk beds in you gobby c**t

ooooh get you :smiley: