Camping easter weekend + big LB meet

Hey guys n gals

We’ve been chatting about getting a camping weekend sorted to get everything ready for the TT in June and I was going to do regular camping trips this year.

I’ve spoken to a few LBers and everyone seems really keen to get away from it all so I’ve decided to get the ball rolling for the EASTER WEEKEND. (6+7+8th April)

Leaving the Friday 11am from Blackheath Tea Hut and heading down to Dover.

£8 pp/pn

Friday and Saturday night.

Twisty ride there.

Rideout Saturday

Goodwood Breakfast club on the sunday morn

Ride Home

I’d like everyone to join in on this and just let off some steam. the campsite has showers, washing facilities and toilets for the precious ones :hehe: and is literally a 2 minute walk to the beach and 10 minutes from a pub.

We’ve been there before and the venue is wickid (*Rob, I’ll use street view this time :smiley: )

Open fires are allowed :cool:

I’ll post a ride map closer to the time for those attending. There isnt many meets where we all get together and this seems a great time due to the bank holiday :slight_smile:

1: Jaime

2: Claire

3: Ally - Sat

4: nice cup of tea

5: Daneview

6: Clubfoot

7: Daniel

8: Megroovy +1

9: Stretch
10: ANDYCR15 :Whistling::smiley:

add your names and I’ll edit it in :slight_smile:

do you really think they’ll let you in again?

Also, Rob and I and a few others won’t be there, since we’ll be raping German roads that weekend :w00t:

thats ok and Claire’s booking it :D:Whistling:

PS… for those that werent there. there may or may not have been a couple benches sacrificed for a rather large bonfire :w00t::Whistling:

Im flying in thursday night so maybe if i can get out if bed!!! Is it just for one night?

read the post u doughnut :stuck_out_tongue:

leave friday morn and come back the sunday morn = 2 nights :hehe:


Can i join in on the Saturday then?? :smiley:

Gonna be frantically busy right up until easter but if I can get a tent and don’t end up spending it in Cheltenham, I’ll come along… :smiley:

A tent would be my stumbling block. Does anyone have a big 4 birth with 50" TV tent?

yes… but u need o be there for the friday too babes!!!

i’ll be a maybe, not got a bike at mo if got 1 by then will let you know.


go on son. I want to make it proper massive LB meet. Since I’ve been here, no ones organised a massive get-together meet and I’ve been here almost 2 years! :w00t::cool:

If i happen to have a bike by then i am game unless you want a support vechicle and carry anyone else dont have a bike or just like too…

Ah ha the April Breakfast Club is a week earlier on the 1st :rolleyes::slight_smile:

pull in so!!!

Jaime my good sir I am in… Providing work doesn’t pop up and I can borrow one of Ricco’s many tents

Hope you lot have a great time camping with Jaime, he really is a total crackpot but funny as f*ck:D
Your timing sucks because as Schmidt has said I’m in Germany on those dates so can’t join you guys on this one:angry:
Remember your bloody tent poles this time:D

Yes please. Never been camping before. Might take the van

course mate… so long as you come over and help me air them out? i aint going to sleep in a stinky tent.

Jaime I’m in… work permitting.

and there being **** loads of beer too.