Camper van?

SOLD! :smiley:

Ive tried to sell this twice on ebay and have been mucked about twice. The first time, they decided they thought it looked too old fashioned and the second time, the wife couldnt handle the fact it had no power steering.

Im posting it here in case a good honest biker (!) wants to buy it. It wont take a full sized bike, but probably a trails bike and it will tow a trailer quite happily :wink:

Item is based in Knebworth, Hertfordshire. A nice 40 minute northbound ride from the City.

I am looking for £1.5k.

Here is my beloved diesel camper van for sale due to a change in needs. Built in 1978 and registered in Guernsey, I purchased her in December 2006 and imported her into the UK, so she now has a V5 etc.

She is:
right hand drive,
has a year’s MOT and
6 months tax.

Mileage is just under 81,000 which for a vehicle of this age is very very low and mainly due to the limitations of the Guernsey island… For the last year she has been used as residential tow van for my racebike tailer and has served me well at circuits - especially ones with very few facilities like Lydden (Dover) and ones a bit further like Cadwell (Lincolnshire), Pembrey (South West Wales) and Oulton (Cheshire).

The bodywork is in good condition for the year. I have spent quite a while making small improvements to the external, including:

substantial tow bar and
relevant electrics.

There are no big rust patches on the wheel arches or on most of the bodywork. The rust that is there is treated, primed and painted and is predominantly on the guttering sections where the camper roof meets the body of the van. These should be kept in good condition.

I have tested and used the appliances in the van and they work. I have the paperwork for it.
The appliances are all gas powered and include:
2 hob cooker,
fridge and

I have had installed a new water pump which pumps water to the sink and to the shower cubicle. In the shower cupboard is a small cosmetics cupboard, sink, portaloo toilet and a mirror. The water tank is about 50 litres and is filled behind the drivers seat. The heater is very powerful and the van can become a sauna very quickly! There are windows all around the van, two of which are net or gauze enclosed so that flies cant get in when you have the windows open. The same is the case for the roof ventilation which can be wound open when warm. There are curtains for each window which can be easily drawn.

The main area consists of two benches, inbetween which the table can be easily assembled. The table will seat 4 easily and 6 if necessary. The table pole and top can be put away to make way for the four berths to be extended. The two benches become the double bed and there are two hammocks for children above this on either side (see pic). Please note that these will not support adult weights and are suitable for children up to about 8-10 years old depending on size. The front and driver’s seats fold forward to better facilitate the double bed. I am 6ft1 and never had any trouble sleeping in it. There is plenty of storage space, with large cupboards under the benches, a wardrobe, 4 good sized kitchen cupboards and a general cupboard which I used for my toolbox, jack, tow ropes etc. The van comes with its own jack, spare towing mirror extender and spare numberplate for your tow vehicle.

Everything you need for that road trip / camping holiday / site work / weekend away.

Please message me with any queries. I usually answer in the evenings. I wont be available for viewing until Monday evening, so please bear this in mind. Until monday, I can be reached at [email protected].

Happy bidding!

On 06-May-08 at 11:45:56 BST, seller added the following information:

Please note that the MOT and tax are now 10.5 months and 5 months respectively, due to the relisting.

There are no rear seatbelts.

I am not interested in any kind of part exchange.

Fuel economy is not great - I have not calculated it precisely but she will take up to about £50 of fuel, possibly more depending on which service station youre at and that will last you a trip from London to Sheffield. Similar to a Land Rover or 4x4 consumption.

Tax I think is £185 for the year at the moment (hence I only paid 6 months).

I pay about £200 insurance on it with Adrian Flux, who covered it for Europe and European breakdown too, am 28, female and have some history on motorbikes, none on any other form of transport, never had points and no outstanding claims.

nice little van i used to have a merc 308, is it a 308 or a 208?

went all round europe in it a few times, lots of happy times :slight_smile:

got a sprinter now :slight_smile:

sorry Merc 207D :slight_smile: Yeah she is cool - would love to keep her for weekends away instead of the 7.5t truck lol but got nowhere to keep her and we dont have our own drive, so gotta please the neighbours :wink:

I wish we had the space to keep something like this…

If you cleared your front garden you would :wink: sell the car… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s being done at the moment - you should come round when for a braai when its done.

only if you buy the camper :smiley:

I’m not sure I ever told you about my previous van, the council, the DVLA, the neighbours and being out of pocket just over £2k.

Are you sure your local Police aren’t interested in it - those rear windows look ideal!

lol @ stakeoutsmobile

nope dude - thats one to tell me over the braai :wink: