camera repairs

Does anyone on here repair Digital cameras or can recommend a good repairer, got a problem with mine in that it will open take 1 picture then shut down, even with brand new batteries in it, most annoying as its an ideal one for on bike shots, its a FUJI Finepix A920 if that helps :slight_smile:

I know I said it already in this thread:

but it probably isn’t worth repairing mate.

There is one on ebay at the moment with a buy it now price of £45 … … If you go in for repair - labour is likely to cost that much - let alone parts … depends how attached to that specific one you are though I suppose :slight_smile:

Yeah I’d back up Mr C’s comments, it won’t be worth repairing sorry to say and that’s if parts are available in the first place.

Looks like new camera time!

I always use Fixation in Vauxhall for repairs btw.