Camden Parking Review

The gatherings of motorcyclists on Waltham Forest’s hit list were the food delivery ‘L’ platers. Hackney’s idea was probably if you need social housing you can’t afford two vehicles, clearly like many council policy’s, it hasn’t been thought through.

Committee decisions including consultations never end well, too many compromises to reach a conclusion.

The gatherings of motorcyclists on Waltham Forest’s hit list were the food delivery ‘L’ platers.

People keep giving excuses like that but that’s not how the law – or its enforcement on the street – works. Anyway, aren’t the food delivery bike riders too?

Committee decisions including consultations never end well, too many compromises to reach a conclusion.

Maybe. I see no compromise on the council’s part though. The overriding message is that they DGAF.

I think the problem is non-motorcyclists see all motorcyclists as a homogenous bunch. They are all two-wheeled vehicles which cause noise and nuisance, the average punter can’t see the difference between a teenager on a delivery scooter and an OAP on his classic BMW RT.

On my Camden street there is a (currently free to park) solo motorcycle bay and it is used exclusively by delivery scooter boys. They park in it, and all around the street, ride on the footway, go the wrong way up one-way streets and generally cause noise (they are very loud) and nuisance from early evening to late at night. If any of my neighbours were replying to the Camden consultation they would have these noisy boys in mind and clipping their wings would seem like a jolly good idea, bring it on they might say.

It will be interesting to see what Papa Johns and Deliveroo do if and when this solo bay is removed. They can probably switch to e-bikes, as all the deliveries are very close nearby. Indeed, they could probably walk.

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Delivery scooter boys (there are some women too) are generally young people, they are noisy, that’s what young people do. If people don’t like it they should think about that the next time they get on their phone to order a 12" with extra peppers and anchovy.

Actually it’s their scooters which are noisy. In the bike bay on my street there are usually two dozen bikes and riders, I’ve only ever seen one woman once one day, all the others are always men. I say nothing against their behaviour, they are for the most part well-behaved - if you turn a blind eye to the footway riding, wheelies and ignoring No Entry signs.

The problem is the scooters are very noisy. A bit of enforcement on exhaust regs might help. Some enforcement of double-yellows and footway riding would help too.

I agree with you on thinking twice about our delivery culture. It is particularly bad in the building I live in, most of the flats are very small, they’ve been designed with token kitchens because the paradigm is designed around delivery culture. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

For as long as I can remember Camden have had vicious parking regs. You have to pay very close attention to the signs so as not to be caught out with time of day. One end of a road can be free after 10pm and the other end 6pm.

It’s huge borough as someone else pointed out. You can’t afford to take chances.

I do wish something could be done about the L driver delivery brigade who think they’re in MotoGP.

Disgruntled of North London.

I’m sensing a lot of intolerance towards L-plate delivery riders. Where are these congregations of drag-racing fiends? Are all scooters really that noisy? Noisier than the constant roar of car tyres we all hear but don’t notice anymore? If there is antisocial behaviour, it is the behaviour that needs to be addressed, not the mode of transport. But this is how the councils are getting away with it, by making us turn on other two-wheelers.

Divide and rule :frowning: And it’s true, the behaviour is what should have been addressed.

Tomorrow is the last day to respond - the more objections go in the better - just the fact that they intend to charge bikes the same cars is worth complaining about if nothing else.

Hmm yes I see where you’re coming from Zeppo, I have to admit I would never have thought I would ever complain about 2 wheelers, especially as I’ve been riding continuously since 1967 and have had my fair share of noisy bikes.
But there is a real problem with the delivery scooters, not all I’ll grant you, but every day I see them riding down the wrong side of traffic islands, undertaking dangerously, using their phones and generally having no regard for anyone on the road or pavements. A lot of them seem to think by making a lot of noise everyone else will move out of the way.

I’ve fought councils several times over parking and bike parking in particular. As far as I can tell it’s made no difference. Remember Westminster? I even went on the Brussels protest run!

The police are underfunded and understaffed. (Have you ever tried ringing 101? ) They’re not really interested unless there’s an accident involving one (which there often is on the N Circ near me).

I dunno. Sorry for the rant, maybe because of where I live I’m more affected by it, but it is a real problem none the less.

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Camden are making the decision about their discriminatory proposals for motorcycle parking next month.

MAG has written an open letter setting out the main problems with the proposals, which they are asking as many people as possible to sign.

All you need to do is follow this link and fill in the blanks: [] (

It should take two minutes of your time.

Open letters like this can make a difference, if enough people sign.

Please feel free to share this letter widely, the more people who sign it the better. They ideally need to get as many responses as possible by the first week of February so it can be presented to the council in good time

I’ve signed this, this does not directly affect me per se, but the impact this could have on surrounding boroughs is what does, they will all be closely watching to see what happens and to potentially take it on themselves.

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IMO, delivery on L plates should be illegal. It’s in the hire and reward category. So an A1 licence should be the requirement.


Lewisham are also considering imposing charges for MC parking - it just never stops!

Perhaps the employers should help their potential staff to get their test.

+1 but i’d go further than just full driving licence in treating delivery drivers/riders similar to Hire & Reward drivers which means that

  1. Full Driving Licence for the class of vehicle
  2. Topographical tests for the area they’re working in
  3. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Fully agree.

No preference here. If employers want to subsidise then that is up to them. Some Bus companies do, others don’t. Ambulance service requires you to have all your licences in place before applying.


Agreed TheMonkey27

I disagree about delivery rider having to be full licence holders. As food delivery riders have a lot of accidents, let them be categorised as learners still, else the average full-licence holders insurance may increase. Let those on L-plates, and hire & reward insurance be separately categorised and pay higher insurance. I don’t wish to be considered in a similar way to them. Leave it as it is.