Anyone live in Cambridge?!
I want to buy something off the fleabay but the seller refuses to courier it. I’d compensate you for your time and packaging it up, and sort the courier at a time that suited you…

I don’t live there, but I can come home via Cambridge on Monday night if that helps. How big is it and where are you?

Send him a courier yourself? Should be quite simple

How big is it
Big Red S
like that's a concern for strapping things to your bike?

Well, it informs which straps I bring.

292.1 mm

302.3 mm

That would be amazing man

Weight Approximate

3.40 kg


111.8 mm

If you could bring it to anywhere in London, I’ll come to you to collect.

He’s very awkward, says he hasn’t got a box or bubble wrap or time to wait in for a courier.

Fair enough. That’s a bummer.

That should be fine. PM me his address or something, and I’ll double-check what my movements are.

BM next week? I live in Burnt Oak and work on Soho if either’s convenient for you?

The auction ends on Thursday so I’ll be in touch if I win. Thanks very much in advance, and for the offer if it doesn’t happen.

Ah, cool. I’ll know when I’m passing by Friday night - it’ll either be Monday evening or Tuesday morning.


PM sent