Cam Chain Replacement

hey guys i need to get the cam chain and tensioner replaced on my fazer, does anyone know of any places that are good to use in London and dont charge an abs fortune?

Ducati Proteam - not the cheapest but worth the money/

Cheaper can end up more expensive in the long run…


well i will shop around, it certainly wont be going to a yam dealer, i have got a specialised i can use.:slight_smile:

Have a chat with Les He’s looked after quite a few LB’ers.

You sure it needs both? :wink:

well the guys that usually work on my fazers do a lot of these, and are familiar with the rattle it creates., i can only go on their advice i guess…

As long as you trust 'em. Some bikes only have tensioner failure and sound just as bad but cheaper to fix :wink:

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about Fazers in this area :stuck_out_tongue:

ive posted up on fazerowners too, so will see what suggestions i get…


make them right mate:P

rollocks did they! oh and someone cant spell they correctly…:stuck_out_tongue:

Not to worry Tug, take your time mate, your get the hang of it :wink: