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I’m taking my XT to Cadwell in a week or two and it will be my first time with a supermoto on a track - any advice, style/riding tips?

Well you should know the lines having done it on a sportsbike, won’t really be any different on an SM. You will have to go sticking your leg out on the corners though. Not sure how much dive you get on the brakes, may be worth trying to stiffen up the front end a bit. I wish you lots of luck, its a great circuit. Bet you can get lots of air over the mountain too…

The usual trackday advice still applies. Take your time in the first couple of sessions and get a good feel for the bike and track, building up your pace gradually, dont rush it. Youll be on a steep learning curve.

Unless your a serious supermoto rider who backs it into the corners then the lines will be the same. Try to pick up reference points for the braking points, turn points, apexes and where you should be on the gas. I`d always suggest going a bit slower on track so you can pick out these points more easily. Then up your pace.

Practice going into the corners a little slower than you would normally do so you can concentrate on getting on the gas early to balance the bike, were talking about 2mm to 3mm of throttle here just to take some weight off the front and improve the balance and traction of the bike. Only progressively wind on the throttle when you can continuously do so. A lot of time can be made up by getting on the gas early and getting a good drive out of the turn. Charlies 2 is a good example of this. You need to be on the gas just before the apex and the run onto the uphill Park Straight. Get on the gas late here and a lot of momentum is lost as well as time. If you have to ease off the gas out of any corner then youve got on the gas too early in the first place.

If its wet, watch out for the smore slippery track in the Woodland section under the trees.

The supermoto boys tend to congregate so theyll be happy for you to join in id guess. Someone to dice with too

I find it alien putting my foot out and pushing the bike into the turns and personally would only do so on the slowest of turns at best. I`d suggest you doing what you feel is comfortable regarding this.

Post up how you get on, try to keep it shiny side up and enjoy!

I tracked my KTM Duke last summer in the damp at Cadwell, my 1st time on the track with an SM. GREAT FUN!!!Don’t think I got sideways anywhere tho but lots of pushing the bike down and legs stuck out into corners. (Get some proper MX boots that cover your shins cos the pegs are higher.)

Went out at the back of the advanced group and didn’t get lapped til the end of the session-on a bike with 60 hp on a good day. Obviously I would have got murdered in the dry tho at a faster track, but other than Pk Straight, Cadwell is ideal for an SM, especially with the mountain and gradients. I ran intermediate rear and a wet front and could jump on the throttle anywhere.

Infact I got so used to the soft bouncy full on wrist action fun that I highsided my R1 in 4th gear on the 2nd lap of the next session…so bear that in mind if you lap on a sportsbike after your XT

Thanks B - trackday is week after next, will let you know how I get along. I’m also curious about backing it in - what is the correct way of doing this?

Nadsta - I was wondering whether I might ask Ness to give her Gix a go at the end of the day, but having read your comment I don’t think I will now.

Be prepared to tumble if youre new to backing it in. Im no expert here, wouldnt mind having a go though. The basic way would be to downshift very quickly a few gears into a tight corner corner and let the engine braking work the rear tyre. Pushing the bike down into the turn will reduce grip and the rear is more likely to slide. Add a lot more front brake approaching the turn along with a little rear brake and much more speed and hey presto youre an expert
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