Calling all Springboks


I am a newbie…Susie’s the name.

As you can see I am virgin biker really…and definitely a virgin on london bikers.

Would be good to have a yarn with you all out there, especially any south africans…where I learnt to ride !!

Hello Susie, welcome to LB! You’re not alone, there any many new riders here at LB, and LB is there to benefit everyone. What do you ride at the moment? Post up a picture of it in the Pictures forum for us!

Hope to meet you at our Wednesday Cubana meet, details in the General Chat forum.

I should think you’ll find a few SA’ers here, I know we definately have two girls from SA here off the top of my head, at a minimum!

And here is one now to give you a poke with our newbie stick

so welcome to LB

poke poke



im from sa to make sure ur at the cubana on wednesday

Hi Susie, welcome to LB. i read your biography etc - nice bike. You got a blinder there.

Hi Susie and welcome, there are a few of us although technically I am UK as been here for 20 years. Mine is a Windhoek!!

wind… what?

Welcome Susie …

You’ll like it here, a top bunch, very friendly and completely bonkers.

Get yourself down to Cubana when you get a chance.

red hot tail pip… Hello and welcome to LB… I spent a year and a half riding on my own before I met anyone!!!