Calling all speed triple (street triple) and KTM owners in NW3 - NW5

Ok… So I have heard through the grape vein that there are a few speed triples/street triples and KTMs in the NW3 and NW5 area that are being watched!

Apparently there is a lot of interest in these bikes by the youngsters in my area who have told me they have spotted a few in these postcodes…

1 has an abus lock and they are trying to figure a way to get round it…

Please take care of your bikes and if you are unlucky enough to loose it in the next few days pm me and I will look into it.
I hope I can prevent it!

Good luck and be safe!

While they were telling you this were you beating them round their thieving little heads with an Abus / Squire combo? W*ankers.

as said before to other members who have said the same thing …

If you know who is involved your just as bad as them so why not give an annonymous o800 crimestopping number a ring and pass ont he details … Instead of after its gone

You expect congratulations and thanks for your offer to help !!!

You have first hand knowledge that these youngsters are planning to steal motorcycles …

Why not pass the information to the Police? Otherwise, when they steal a motorcycle you’ll be as guilty as them and, if that motorcycle happens to be yours will we then hear you whining on about how little the Police did and their apparent lack of interest?

Our Police force is only as good as its intelligence and much of that intelligence comes from members of the public. Go tell it to the Police and we’ll have better Policing and less crime.

I very much doubt that the police would take any interest in this…

Yeah agreed. Try telling them “this bunch of bad boys are planning to steal something”. The police will say - ok let us know when they’ve stolen it. Talking about stealing something isn’t a crime and the police probably already know the little buggers are up to no good. BUT - unless you can make a link with some sort of “organised” crime they won’t spare the manpower to watch a few youngsters out to steal a couple of bikes.

@ Conrad - How can you doubt the Police interest, is crime prevention not what they do?

@ SimoninEssex - Actually talking about stealing something in the manner described above is a crime and, if the ‘little buggers’ are known to the Police I’m sure the Police would be glad of the additional intelligence to assist in building a case against them.

yeah daws dont worry about the crap comments above, good call i say.

if 1 scrote gets tugged cos daws tells police there will be 5 in line to nick bike, also as said police can do feck all anyway, they will prob do the same as daws and tell owners to keep eye on bike cos of theft reports etc.

also if daws lumps 1 of em he aint going to find out any info after is he?

Calling crimestoppers can’t hurt but I can’t see what the police would do with the information as far as crime prevention goes - short of staking out the bikes or the scrotes until they make a move. Let’s face it, the police probably know the names of the local toerags already.

Once a crime has been committed, a name might help the police track down the bike I suppose, assuming they take it home with them.

Art, yes I understand what you are getting at (inchoate offences) but again, idle chit chat between these kids wouldn’t really pass the standard required (i.e. actually planning the crime), and in any case would need to be proven (doubtful unless they can record it or prove it somehow). With police manpower as stretched as they say it is, I think it’s doubtful that they would take any action - wouldn’t you agree?

the only way the police may be interested in this is the bikes mentioned are commonly used for jewellers smash and grab lark.


I once called them and told them i knew first hand of a shop that has about 20 stolen bikes and spare parts from at least another 20+ bikes.
They didnt give a crap.

So instead of accusing the lad of being as bad as the thieves, how about thanking him for at least saying something.
TimR… get off that high horse and come back down to the real world.

friend of mine once made a call to said crimestoppers about some serious matter related to stealing.

he actually even knew the ‘thief’ in question and gave them his full contact details including phone number.

nothing ever came out of it. not even a visit from the police.

so yes, if you think the authorities or such are going to be interested in stealing, unless your name is Madonna, forget about it.

For the record… Some of you a RETARDS!

If I call crime stoppers what are they going to do? (Exactly what I have just done)
They will not chase it up as there is nothing to say they are doing anything illigal. If I beat them about yeah ok Il feel better but they will still want that bike, only difference is I wont know anything about it!
I am doing what I feel is the right thing to do, If you think calling crime stoppers will help… Call them yourself.

I know we have some plonkas on here but i didn’t realize they actually think I’m as bad as them (FOR WARNING OWNERS) maybe im a little slow :confused:

Boo hiss hang him by his balls