Smiled, as ever you are a gentleman with the avatar titles. We still remember how you promised to update ours if you could, and you did. Good man:) PS In case anyone was wondering, we didn’t crash it on purpose, it was a complete accident and all William Shakespeare’s fault. :smiley:

Don’t forget me my man.
Almost had as many off’s as you :stuck_out_tongue:

If the joining requirement is that you have to have had an “off”, I don’t think there’s a single biker who’s been riding more than about 2 months who doesn’t qualify! Unfortunately I meet the criteria about 10 times over, as my left knee ( or what’s left of it) constantly reminds me.

Shane , you my man are a gentleman and a scholar - I have told Amy she is part of " Uncle Shanes’ " club and will passon her kiss for you when I see you next :w00t: :smiley: