Calling all racers

We now have a few of us. What I need to know from all of you is your future race dates, where they are etc. Also, can you let me know how you are fairing in your repsective championships. I will mention you all on the Podcast and try and generate some support for you all. Not easy as we are all over the place, but its worth a try.

After your races, can you also let me know how you got on.

Right I’ll start shall I !

The New Era calendar for the rest of the year looks like this…

JULYSaturday8thOulton ParkHonda Superclub Round 6Weekend29/30thCadwell ParkClub Championships Rounds 7 and 8 AUGUSTSunday13thDonington ParkHonda Superclub Round 7 SEPTEMBERWeekend2/3rdSnettertonHonda Superclub Rounds 8 and 9Sunday10thMallory ParkClub Championships Round 9 OCTOBERWeekend7/8thCadwell ParkHonda Superclub Rounds 10 and 11Sunday15thBrands HatchClub Championships Round 10Sunday29thMallory ParkDave Simmonds Trophy
Club Championships Round 11 DECEMBERBoxing Day26thMallory ParkThe 33rd Plum Pudding Handicap Meeting
and I’ll be racing my Black & White Hornet in most of the Superclub and Club rounds coming up

(can’t do September 10th at Mallory though)

Currently 7th in Superclub and 2nd in Club

I do a race report after every race meeting and if anyone wants to receive this by email, let me know your email addy and it will be in your inbox

Otherwise, updates available at (which is due a bit of work as always, so keep looking)

Thanks for the mention last time Chuffster - I’ll have something for you to actually comment on next time!


aka Edith

PS Hornet racing is far better than CB500 racing

Same dates as nobhead above but only the Superclub rounds, because that is the main championship. We don’t all do the easy championship just to get trophies eh Edith?

Oh and just for the record I was as fast on Ediths hornet the first time I rode it as he has been for a season and a half.

…over to you Edith

Im doing CBs too on the same dates as the two nobheads above. Just doing superclub, currently 10th in championship, getting better every round (So far!)

So we are off to Cadwell this thursday for the ACU test day on Friday and then to do my damnedest to defend my 2nd place in the Club championship

Sounds like there will be quiet a few more Hornets than usual at a Club meeting (some old champions coming out of the woodwork) so the pressure is on

Just to hijack this thread… You know that New Era have changed all the Superclub rounds to one long race format, rather than the two shorter races as per the earlier part of the season?

How do you guys feel about that?

My personal feeling is that I’d rather the two shorter races, but I guess one takes what is offered…

As an FYI, here’s the note from NE if you haven’t already seen it:


In response to requests from our Riders and having regard to the large number of entries received, the New Era Club have decided to re-arrange the forthcoming meeting at Donington Park in August.

The Club is concerned that there should be a recognisable difference between a normal Club Championship meeting and a SuperClub anyway. The hectic 18/20 race programme that has been run of late at SuperClub is the cause of much frustration to both the Club Officials and our Riders when races have to be declared finished after only a few laps or shortened in distance. This situation arises of course as a result of the increasing number of “Red Flags” that are now being displayed and the time lost is not there to be regained.
Whilst we will always have the safety and well being of our riders as our top priority we feel that it is now essential to schedule a Programme that is most likely to enable a “proper” meeting to be run and thus give everyone involved a satisfactory day out.

As a result of our deliberations we have decided that at Donington we will change the format to give each rider One 15 Minute Timed Practice and One Race of 12 Laps (23.4 Miles). One set of SuperClub Championship points will be allocated and our normal good quality Trophies will be awarded.

The Track time for everyone will thus be a little more in total than originally envisaged on the Supplementary Regulations. The Entry Fee will remain the same. (Incidentally, you may like to know that the Club has to pay Thirty Two Thousand Six Hundred Pounds (£32,600.00) to hire the circuit - on top of which we also have to pay for the Insurance, the Awards, the Marshals and all the other costs involved in running a meeting.)

The Club recognises that this change may not suit everyone so offers the chance for Riders to withdraw their entry without penalty – provided this is received in writing in the New Era Offices by the 29th July 2006 at the very latest – the normal closing date for entries.

Chief Executive – New Era MCC
Ware – 18th July 2006

Not being a New Era runner myself, this doesn’t bother me, well not this year anyway. Who knows about the next one though. Personally, I would prefer longer races, I am not into this quick seven lap dash really, and I think that the overtaking manouvres can be rather rash as you have no time to work out a sensible way past. You just get barged at times, not all the time safely. My take on it would be to have 10 mins qualifying and a 15 lap race. You can get seriously stuffed up in qualifying, the extra couple of laps could make all the difference in a race to getting a good result.

Not fussed really, it’ll be like a ‘proper’ race. If it’s **** I’ll tell 'em. But I am not going to knock it untill I have tried it.

But a long race for you Highside is about 3 laps isn’t it?!

Sorry couldn’t resist!

Oh we’ll see Matty, we’ll see…

Handbags away, ladies!

Looking forward to seeing them wielded at Donington in a few weeks

Donny is only a few days away now

Lets hope for some good weather and even better racing

I’ll be there on the trusty Black & White Number 8 Hornet; hoping to get through Craner Curves using more of the tarmac and less of the grass than last year

who else is going from the LB’ers?

Trying to work my life out so that I can come up and watch. Not promising, but I shall try. I wish you and the others all the best though, gutted I am not racing myself, I love Donny. The craners are not that bad really, just watch for overcooking it into the left at the bottom of the hill after them.