Calling all new riders and 125ers :D

Hey all,

Recently got chatting to a new rider on the forum and have been discussing meeting up for a ride about.

Just wondering, are there any newish riders or 125ers on here looking for a few other 125ers to ride with?

North London’s where I am at but obviously I can travel :smiley:

You should have come to Newbie Night, there were four 125 riders there tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

There was quite a lively 125 scene last summer.

Check this gallery

BTW, what has happened to Stevie Ramone? He seems unusually quiet.

If it hasn’t happened already he is about to become a dad. He’s probably decorating a nursery or buying nappies or whatever you do right now.

I’ll drop you a PM next time we’re planning a ride out.

We normally do an early Sunday morning - but havn’t for a month or so … this time of year it depends on weather more than anything - cold, wet, slippery and dark by 4pm results in reduced concentration and unplanned offroading :smiley:

And our tail gunner extraordinaire! :smiley:

I should have gone to n00bie night, yeah, I was really knackered today after lots of riding though ;[

And Mr-C, please do drop me a PM, though sometimes these rideouts seem a bit far away to me. Maybe I’m just lazy haha. Looking forward to it though :smiley:

Watch this space, thinking of doing another newbie ride from ace to BM next wednesday to see some boys get waxed:w00t:

COUNT ME IN :smiley:
but i havent got my bike yet :frowning:

Smacks bike DIRTY LITTLE 50. GROW.

I’ll definitely be up for a new rider jaunt some time after next easter. Hopefully on my restricted 600. Now won’t that be fun, just watch me slide down the tarmac and enjoy!

Looks like you’ll have to get a bike real quick or 2 up with a friend or any willing LB member;)

I’d be up for that, assuming i get my arm back first:P -should be mid January (hopefully)

Sounds like a fair few people are up for it, or will be able to soon at least :smiley:

Anyone else? :smiley:

im getting it in Jan :smiley:

I ride like a noob can i come :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

you should defo join us :smiley:

I can play (hopefully) but my scoot wins no prizes for speed and am in Reading most of the time but I will read on with interest. :slight_smile:

Stevie Ramone sometimes does run-outs. Post this up in the rideouts section and you’ll get lots of people wanting to come along :wink:

Stevie Ramone is very busy lolz

Haven’t been on a ride-out since the Jet’s run down to Hayling Island :frowning:

Yeah I will probably do a newbie/125 rideout at the begining of next year, end of Feb/mar time as an introduction to group riding, they always turn out quite well, apart from rouge corner markers… :wink:

Some pictures from Elad’s run last spring are here.