Calling all lady bikers

Hello fellow lady bikers,

I recently bought my first bike (Kawasaki ER6N, woohoo!) after having a Vespa for a year. I’m now looking for some nice gear to wear and being 5.9", athletic build with monkey legs and arms I’m finding it hard to find decent motorcycle clothing that fits and looks nice. I’d like to wear something that’s practical but doesn’t make you look like bloke (excess fabric in the groin area, anyone?!) :unsure:

I found these fantastic motorcycle trousers by Scorpion, but it seems to be impossible to get hold of in the UK. Check them out here:

Where do you buy your stuff and what can you recommend?

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Try GirlsBike2 in Dorking, I have always found them really helpful, they might have something you like and they tend to cover a range of suppliers.

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Try this:

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Aaah, I came across them the other day. Thanks for the link Trisckie. I had a look at these:

Anybody own a pair? What’s the fit like? I like that you can adjust the leg length…

Not too sure about textiles but when it comes to Leather, whatever you get and if you need it adjusted in anyway then speak to Wasp (forum member on here) loads of praise for her on the Praise and Shame forum.

Should you decide leather:


Hey cool, thanks for that! I’m a bit short on cash right now (due to buying the bike) so leather is out of the question at the mo. But it’s good to know someone who can alter clothing.

The Spidi range looks well nice, thanks for that. I can feel a shopping spree coming on :blush:

Wow, just came across these, they look fab!

I just went and got my leathers from hein gericke.

yeah they make you look like a bloke, just stick a pink hoodie on like i do :D:D

  • 1 Mel. Whether they do the job is more important than what they look like;)

GirlsBike2, Get Geared and Hein Gericke is where I got all my stuff and I’m not a regular shape. I have a condition called Lipoedema so my limbs are over sized, finding kit that fits is a nightmare. I don’t have leathers, never have, although Wasp keeps telling me to buy some and she’ll alter them for me. :smiley:
I tried gortex trousers but with no luck so I’ve been wearing Draggin Jeans for years and they’re great. I have a Gortex jacket though.
We’re off to Europe in a couple of weeks so I was looking to get another pair of water proofs to pull on over my Draggin Jeans and ended up finding a pair of Gortex trousers that fit pretty well. They’re 2 sizes bigger than what I’d normally wear, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! :w00t:

My gf wore those for a couple of years, I will ask her tomorrow to post her views on them for you (she’s gone to bed).

Since June she’s been wearing these. They look great and she says they are very comfortable, so I guess she would recommend them. HG are good at giving discounts; you should get 10% if you ask for it.

you mean like that Mel ?

hahaha surprised it took so many replies…



I recommend Held, they make leathers to order and beautifully fitting two piece gortex too and an amazing extra light carbon fibre helmet for £200! The quality far outstrips any other kit I’ve used over the last 32 years of riding…and I am far from standard size…tiny hips, short and big boobs!!
Few outlets in UK but sizing chart is v good ( I order form book) and soon more outlets I hear…

click here

Dainese and Furygan. Good quality, nice cuts and look good. Dainese are pretty well stocked across the UK. For Furygan go to Gorgeous Bikes on Kings Road.


I have to say that if you have long legs, don’t bother buying Dainese as they are not designed for us long limbed ladies.