Calling All Females

Ok girls if your interested in being apart of an all girl drag racing team holla at me, it doesnt matter if your riding a 50 or 1000 or driving a banger.

Its loads of fun and a great way to build your confidence, if your interested leave a msg here and ill send you some info via PM or come onto our site:

oh and there are cheap race fairings available for those who dont want to mess up their pink bikes

Hey Goose, where’s the drag strip based?


its at long marston airfield in stratford upon avon about 100 miles up the M40 from london

Why can`t blokes do it aswell.

So bloke who own scooters don’t apply

Yea thats fine, all are welcome its an open track day, Angel’s looking for women to start a female drag racing team and do it monthly.

Aww, it’s a bit far to do every month, I already juggle weekends getting up to Oxford.

Good luck with the hunt


looks like my cup of tea!!! send me the details hun please!!!

That’s an awesome strip - it’s where the Bulldog Bash is held and they have Run Wot You Brung sessions as well as the really souped up draggers. Awesome to watch.

Don’t think my little Virago’d be much use on there, people would get bored waiting for me to finish!

You said monthly, hope it`s not on the wrong time of the month as i can see it being hell then.

What is the distance of the drag race?

Also is it legal?

Got a buell. Would be interested to enter the drag race

Dont have to come monthly, just come whenever you can.

And its not too far from Oxford, come along one day

Yeah its great, there was a guy on a 125 the other day, its all part of the action, Angel will be on a 125 as well, shes just looking for some other females to keep her company

Yup, its a full length 1/4 mile drag strip, with timers and speed radars.

And its totally legal,its at Long Marston airfield.

Come along on the 19th & 20th of May if you can.

Full info:

Hi, erm i haven’t ridden for about 6 months and thought this would be a real confidence builder plus theres so many guys in our club i thought it would be fun to get some more girls and show them whatever they can do we can do better so come on girls i’ll be racing goose on his gsxr 1000 and me on a 125 lmao, i think i’ll win though i am a female after all hahaha

We went last week and it was awesome just watching, i was suprised at the speed the 125’s and not to mention the hyabusa got up to now that is a mean machine (might have to get me one when i past my test with a large squid sticker) anyhows i’ll stop with the long essay and hope to see you girls there