Calling All Bikers! We need your help now!

Hello guys,

I’ve just read an artical relating to NABD (National Association For Bikers with a Disability)

Please take a moment to read their page from this Link

I hope this doesn’t go against the rules of posting in the forums, but they are looking for a little help from fellow bikers.

I’ve always liked the NABD and there are some LBers who are also members.

Perhaps we could organise something fairly simple to show our support - rather than a sponsored event which takes a long time to put into place we could say have a collection night at the Ace or BM, when LBers agree to contribute a fiver each.

I haven’t had time to read their funding article in full, but they might want to approach donors for support or link with the para olympics or wider disability initiatives - this would spread the net beyond the ‘biker community’.

Thanks for posting!