Callendar and party

Hya all glad the photo shoot went well and im well fed up i missed another party, i might be around for the next one, i might be new, but im not that new, keep the friendship going

welcome wanabike

and what sort of bike do you want???

Welcome aboard

You cant have my bike

Welcome fella

welcome to LB! dont worry about the party we have always got something going on!, are you coming to the newbie night at the ace tommorrow?

Welcome! Hope to catch up at a meet sometime.


Poke, poke, prod, smack, welcome to LB!

oi…watch it lady…with that stick…or you’ll have me to answer to

Hi and welcome aboard.

Why? What? It’s all Da Artist’s fault, he told me to!!!

Welcome to LB, hope to meet you at one of the meets soon. (Perhaps you can have a word with my bloke - I’d love for him to start riding )

i think you have a new bike now mate…thanks Ross

What Cmuffin said


Wanabike… Welcome to LB… You still have time to get your Xmas party tickets!

oh i wish…

Are you going to have to change your name now?

yeah…to ‘gotabike’

yep, sounds good, lol.