Call to action to try to prevent removal of a Brent buslane that MCs are allowed in

Another call to action in any of you spot this in time tonight.

Brent Council is slowly allowing PTWs into bus lanes, the first being those on the A404 Harrow Road.

However in order to provide segregated cycle lanes, two sections of bus lane have been removed on the A404, reducing safety for MCs.

The consultation period for this scheme ends this Sunday 27th June and I hope that as many people as possible will oppose it. The consultation is very simple: there is one question “Do you support this scheme?” Yes/No, and a box for comments, suggestions for which are below. The rest of the form is personal information, much of which is optional.

The consultation can be found at:

Regarding what to put in the comments box, I would suggest an combination of some or all of the following - but using your won words:

  1. Reduction in safety for the most vulnerable road user group, PTWs, by removing them from the protection and segregation of the bus lanes into a general traffic lane.

  2. The placing of hazards in the carriageway and the poor design of the road layout and markings may guide PTWs into a collision situation.

  3. Fails to follow the guidance contained in the TfL Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook and the Institute of Highway Engineers Guidelines for Motorcycling.

  4. Negates the good work done by Brent in trialling and allowing PTWs into bus lanes in accordance with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

  5. Goes against the Mayor’s Vision Zero.

  6. Increases congestion, emissions, pollution and journey times.

  7. Fails to meet the statutory duty to manage the road network in order to achieve the most expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic, including reducing congestion.

  8. Goes against the Mayor’s Bus Priority strategy and is causing delays to buses, which on stadium event days can be substantial.

  9. Allocating 25-50% of road space to less than 3% of vehicles covering less than 1% of mileage is nonsensical and poor use of a limited resource.

Please use your own words to try and avoid too many similar depositions.

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