Call that justice???? 156mph

The two guys caught speeding on a motorbike were sent to prison and this guy gets fined and he was on his mobile at the time??

heard it on radio thought exact same thing

Yep, not exactly justice seeming to be done here. Surely there should be a standardisation across the board for these things, so it does not matter what court you land up in, what lawyer you have, if found guilty you get the same punishment.

It really doesnt surprise me at all!

Someone had to complain about the original sentence as well and got it up to this, it seems one law for car drivers and one for us poor bikers



Its completely unjust. Why is this idiot not doing porridge now ?

Realy not suprised, one rule for car’s the other rule for use bikers… makes me mad!!

Best not worry about it.

Well, he’s probably a friend of the Magistrate’s son, or something along those lines! … it fvckin’ sucks, that’s for sure!

Well he’s a “racing driver”, so obviously he thought he can get accustomed to the vehicle, just loke that copper did a couple of months ago…

And do you know what really winds me up with plonkers like this ??

He has enough money to buy a top of the range BMW M3, but he’s too f***** tight to buy an “in car kit” for his phone… I’ve even got one in my 5 year old Vectra!!


Did anyone watch Traffic Cops on BBC1 tonight? A biker tested positively for alcohol at the roadside but negative back at the station (nothing so far then). He also failed to stop but was wearing ear plugs and had no mirrors and claims he didn’t know they were behind him. He was a bit eratic with his lane changes, was speeding (105mph) and his streetfighter custom didn’t appear to have a main dealer service history(!!). You can see why the police pulled him. I can even see why it went to court but what’s a fair punishment for this? How does 6 months in prison and a 4 year ban sound? The word harsh springs to mind…

I’ve heard of drug dealers getting less than that.

Yep, saw that episode, David, well the tail end of it anyhow. I didn’t like the biker’s attitude, he was begging for a busting, even whilst at the Police station. His bike was a deathtrap, which is what I think contributed to the severity of the sentance, though I agree, I don’t think a custodial sentance was deserved, over the top really.

Saw it aswell - if I was a copper I’d have pulled him, I got distracted to the details though, did they go to jail? surely not!

I saw another thing today on the telly where a bloke had had his head kicked in to such an extent he couldn’t rememeber his past life - nothing at all, getting married, having kids, what he did for a living, school, nothing!

Kid who got up in court for it got 12 months custody!!!