Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

I just want to shoot some one-guys i like my gaming for fun, but i aint got a clue what you talking about!?!?! clan servers- whats that then?!?!?:ermm:

Don’t understand the last couple of posts, too techie for me. Gonna be on the 360 Tues hopefully. :smiley:

they are talking about the pc version for the hardcore addicts who will only let you join their group (clan) after youve passed their trials and go up again other clans. its rather sad really im getting on the 360 and invite my friends to play if their online instead of boycoting the game

the clan system is based on the dedicated servers that allow PC players to play with minimal “lag” in games of up to 64 players, console players have never needed that functionality because they have been limited to 4 a side games, the limiting factor being bandwidth especially upload , dedicated servers sit in datacenters with massive bandwidth and allow the larger player games as a result. the dedicated servers cost money so people club in and contribute towards the cost, they also take the time to admin the server keeping bad language and cheating mostly under control, the clans also gave rise to various competitive “ladders” or leagues where teams could play against each other under set rules. COD was one of the biggest FPS games to benefit from the clans as they hosted a large proportion of the available servers for folk to play on Free of Charge! a massive sub culture of committed people worked to produce custom maps and mods for COD from the original through to WaW, (when my friends who played consoles were creaming themselves at the thought of being able to download a couple of extra maps for COD 4 we had already run something in the order of 70+ new maps on our custom map server!) the AC130 gunship, the tactical nuke and many other “new elements” being added to MW2 were all developed and coded originally by clan modders, then “borrowed” by the game developers" not all clans were helpful or welcoming to the average player off the street but the vast majority were and still are, many clans grew up from the getting together of people who had “met” ingame and on voice coms such as teamspeak and ventrillo, it enabled them to set the terms under which the game was played, to balance out the inequalities of the game, to remove the annoying aspects of the game (noobtoob anyone?) and yes the annoying players, those that teamkilled or spammed the server with racist or foulmouth text, and the cheats. those clans are communities in much the same way as LB, all this is threatened by the game makers concentrating on the console market, where the players have never had the benefit of the massive choice that dedicated servers give, COD MW2 will allow 9v9 games on all of the platforms as the makers didn’t bother to change it for PC, having played operation flashpoint 2 for a while on line I think you will be lucky to get a lag free game with those numbers, most peoples bandwidth won’t allow it. if you are happy to sit in your little cliques playing with people you know from work, school the pub whatever, then this will mean nothing to you, if you enjoyed the freedom to roam and interact with people from all over the world (and in some cases ban there ass’s :smiley: ) then this is a sad time

Interesting. Ta for explaining.

But that is for PC users. So who care… Anyone that respect himself have a Mac, an xbox 360 or both :stuck_out_tongue:

so all of you Xbox360 users that are getting MW2
Little game Tuesday evening to test the online maps?
Hard core mode only for me (i want what I shot to die, not carry on walking as if nothing happen)
Tag “LoRd Sheitan”
Add me and lets start the fun!!!

without the PC players you wouldn’t have any games to play :slight_smile: as it is you settle for second best :stuck_out_tongue:

I have nothing against PCs. It is Windows I can’t take!!! Any version of it

im hoping to get it on tues :smiley:

Hmmm, looks like I’ll be an Xbox widow for a while then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I really don’t know what to do now. I want it, CoD4 was by far the best of the series and this looks great.

I don’t want to buy it for the Xbox, we all know FPS games on a console is a silly idea, but then I want to support the boycott as not allowing Dedicated servers is rediculous…


Said to the mrs that i’m going to get it the weekend and got a slap around the head and told not to:w00t: Oh well looks like thats going to be one of my pressies under the tree then:D, now i got to wait until frigging xmas to play it:w00t:

WHOOP YEAH… just got an email from Amazon saying my PS3 modern warefare 2 has been dispatched! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;)

we’re a sad bunch really:laugh:

no flippin servers!!! That sucks! Gonna wait till it comes right down in price now! COD is still the best on the PC by far - played it on 360, it sucks in comparison - miles too slow!:smiley:

i think i will get it, even if its only for SP

Just got mine. :smiley:

if you have Xfire join here when your added on there go to roster and change your name so it shows your forum name :wink: