Call for help! Populating the Stolen Vehicle Database!

As discussed on this thread:

I’ve been building a website that will allow people to record their stolen bikes on, with the aim of helping to get it back, but also to collect a crap load of data on theft, make it available to everyone and educate people on what’s going on and how to prevent it. The site is called SVD - Stolen Vehicle Database and I’m very nearly ready to launch it.

You’ll be able to create a profile for your stolen vehicle, add pictures, details of how it was stolen, what security it had and where it was stolen from. The site will be completely browsable and promotable on Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Has anyone got any time to help out populate the database of motorcycle makes/models? We’re populating the list from Wikipedia, so it’s essentially just copy and paste. I’ve done 1400+ models already but need some help finishing them off. The list of Honda’s just scared the crap out of me!

If you’ve got time, please email me: jay {at} Any help appreciated!

It’ll be powered by and cater for just bikes to start with, but will branch out into cars, trucks, etc. I’ve had three bikes stolen in London now, and that quite frankly is three too many. Help me stop this!!




isnt there an easier way to load a .csv list?

Absolutely, but I’ve thus far not been able to find any such source data.

Ask a retailer like Wemoto if they will help ? They have every make, model and every year on their web site already . . . maybe in return for an advert ?

@Steve… brilliant idea toots! :slight_smile:

Fantastic, Jay, that site is exactly what’s needed. Many thanks for doing all that.

Happy to help any way I can.

This place is helped by Wemoto, so may well be able to help.

+1 on Steves idea… surely any insurer, retailer, parts supplier has such a file

Chaz, that’s great, it may help. I’ll have a closer look!

We’re not far off having listed all the major brands, so can continue by hand for now, but some of the more obscure makes could well come from something like that.

Thanks to those who offered to help.

I’ve just done Honda and Harley Davidson, (600 models+!). I think that’s the list of manufacturers already in there fleshed-out.

We can launch with that. I’ve got to give a once over on the site to clean up some loose ends and then it can go live!

Manufacturers-wise, there’s probably quite a few smaller companies I haven’t put in there that should be added. Those populating the database, please have a look!