Caliper Seals...

Rebuilding my bike have done all bearings and was thinking about doing calipers seals…
Havent done them before but read haynes about it and watch online videos so be willing to give it go but…
There is not anything wrong with the calipers but how often should they be changed?
as if i dont need to do it then i leave it…
I dont know when they where done last, and is a 2001 R1 front end

also wheres best place to buy them from…

Found them on wemoto for £30 for the fronts

I only do them if they need doing, if I start getting sticky brakes or leaks . . If they dont need doing leave I em alone .

Also … It aint difficult . I use a cheap dentist tool kit .

I found sals to be cheapest on ebay…

The debate rages on about weather or not rubber grease should be used - I prefer to use it. Give me a shout if you need some because I have a massive tub at home…

oo the grease debate … I dont . I just wet them up with some brake fluid .

Yer have seen people using either brake fluid or rubber grease I happen to be lucky enought to have both :slight_smile:
Think might give it a try as never done it before and can be a learning curve
They are front radial calliper from 2001 r1
Are radials different from normal calipers?

Radials just mount differently (the bolts point towards the forks as opposed to in towards the wheel, if that makes sense)

Give it a go, you may or may not notice an improvement, it’s only going to do good as well giving them a full service

Make sure the pistons are completely smooth before you put them back in - rough ones will tear the seals. Give all the pistons a good clean so they’re spotless for the refit.

What bike is it you have with an r1 front end? Street fighter? Wouldn’t mind seeing a pic :slight_smile:

Its a CBR 600 FS2 stunt bike the r1 front need is quite easy to put on you use 954 blade yokes and the r1 forks fit straight in with wheel and brakes

Also thinking about changing swing arm to a cbr600rr one :slight_smile:

Here is link to the pics on my facebook:

I be updating it as i get along waiting for some trick parts from US and some basics need

then its time to kill the streets

The actual metal parts of the callipers need never be changed unless they are shagged and broken in some way. The rubber parts, well that depends on the way the brakes are used. From your YT search you might have seen the racing mechanic who strips and replaces every part after the race so as to ensure 100% operation each race. That is one extreme.

For the everyday rider I think it will be a balance between the type of weather the bike is exposed too as corrosion will jam up the parts faster than aging wear: with bad winter or good weather riding against how many years since last changed. There is no hard and fast rules as to years between changes, it is rather like the original brake lines, how many years can you get away with before replacing the originals with stainless?

My experience is Wemoto tends to sell at the average price and you’ll find many other places at the same price but rarely lower.

Watching as many online videos is how I learned to domine. It’s not a hard task unless the piston gets stuck or you lack a tool. But it can be tiring scraping the crap out of the groves.

Thats what the dentists kit makes a whole lot easier :slight_smile:

Even with it’s a tiring task… just like removing bits of stuckon with age gaskets :confused:

I reckon I have it beat this next time though . Little wire brush wheel for the dremmel :slight_smile:

A wire wheel might scratch micro groves, but a stiff rubber wheel (ie off a toy) might wear off the gunk but not mark the alloy metal?

I aint much worried about that behind a seal . It will be less brutal than a dentists pick anyway :slight_smile: