California Travel guides

Selling 2 excellent travel guides on California published May 2011 (RRP £15.99 and £16.99). Make me an offer I can’t refuse :cool:

Not an offer but a suggestion - have you heard of Ebay:)

I think I have. :smiley: Just widening my target here. Us bikers like to travel, don’t we? I have done a road trip on Pacific Coast Highway Route 1 from LA to Portland via San Francisco and highly recommend it. :cool:

If only you’d asked a week earlier! I was driving down the PCH myself, around about the time this was posted :slight_smile: Amazing bit of road.



What’s not to like… Sun, clear blue sky, fresh ocean breeze in your lungs, just awesome. Bet you loved the Mustang convertible. Nice “ride” as the Americans say. Books still available for those who want to plan a trip there.